Weekly Mets Check In: The Mets Are Eternally Doomed

What a disastrous week it was.  Seriously, the hits keep on coming for the Mets, and this week was particularly bad.  We’re far past the point of counting wins and losses.  At this point all we want to see, as fans, is the development of some of the younger players.  That and we want everyone to stay healthy, which for the New York Mets is a pipe dream…

Monday – The DBags were in town to kick off four games in as many days as the Mets wrap up an already terrible 9-game home stand.  Bob Gsellman was surprisingly good, but the Mets faltered in extras as the bad guys won 3-2.  Another loss on the Mets record means literally nothing at this point, nor has it all summer virtually.  The loss that matters, however, is that of Steven Matz.  The young Long Islander, who’s already run the gamut in terms of injuries and fighting to stay on the field, was doomed with the future of surgery to repair an ulnar nerve issue in his pitching elbow.  Of course.  He’s done for the year, and who knows how far beyond that.  He’s been absolutely dreadful lately, so it’s no surprise to hear there’s been a legitimate issue holding him back.

Another death blow to the six-feet-under Mets.  This has virtually no impact on the 2017 season other than the fact that the rotation now includes names such as Robert Gsellman, Tommy Milone, Rafael Montero, and Chris Flexen.  It’s a true minor league team now.  But it’s another glaring red flag for the Mets future.  In all seriousness, I don’t think any rational human can be confident in Steven Matz’s future in baseball, let alone with the New York Mets, and especially with the 2018 Mets.  It’s one thing after the next with Matz.  I have zero faith in him moving forward, and if the Mets can’t correct this, they’re royally fucked.  That’s what happens when you build around pitching who can’t stay on the field to pitch.  A report came out that his elbow swelled up to the size of a GRAPEFRUIT after several starts, so shout out to Steven Matz, Dan Warthen, Terry Collins, Sandy Alderson, Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon, Ray Ramirez, and the Mets medical/training staff for handling a fragile situation well.

Tuesday – Tommy Milone stunk because Tommy Milone stinks, Amed Rosario was fantastic at the dish, and the Mets fell easily to lose their 8th of 9.  Nobody really cares though.  David Wright played in St. Lucie to return to action, kind of.  If you would’ve told me David Wright and Tim Tebow would be playing on the same team in late August, I would have punched you in the face and called you a liar, and I certainly wouldn’t have thought it’d be in Port St. Fuckin Lucie single-A ball.  Jeurys Familia and Noah Sydnergaard are getting closer to returning.  ‘Twas a riveting day in Mets Land.

Wednesday – Michael Conforto, Dom Smith, and Amed Rosario were the offensive stars, and Chris Flexen put together the best start of his young career as the Mets won 4-2.  The bullpen surrendered only a single hit in three innings of work, probably for the first time in 11 years according to Elias according to me.  That’s all, nothing else to say here.  I look forward to praising Michael Conforto, Dom Smith, and Amed Rosario together in the same sentence many times over the next decade.  Prob won’t happen (see: next paragraph).

Thursday – The 3-2 loss was and remains irrelevant.  Michael Conforto swung at a pitch and immediately hit the ground in pain, grabbing his shoulder.  Helped off of the field, it was clear right away that this was serious.  Not only was it a shoulder dislocation, but he also tore his posterior capsule.  Shoulder dislocations typically only result in 4-6 weeks rest, but the surgery to repair his shoulder could take anywhere from 6-12 MONTHS.  The Mets are eternally fucked.  From swinging a baseball bat. Unbelievable.  You can’t make this stuff up.  We could be without Conforto for the entire 2018 season.  This team is doomed from now until the end of time or until the Coupons all die/sell the team.  There’s no hope.  We could be looking at the beginning of a cataclysmic downfall towards a decade plus of bad baseball.  Because without the core of young pitching, without Michael Conforto, and with everyone else seemingly taking turns falling ill to freak injuries, they’re done for.

Friday – I don’t know how many variations of the next sentence I’ve made, but I’ll say it again.  What a letdown this season has been.  This weekend series in Washington should have been high stakes for the fight for the NL East crown.  Sadly the best thing to come out of this weekend was the rumor that Terry Collins is not expected to return as manager next year. That’s not going out on a limb or anything, but it’s good news nonetheless. The Mets won 4-2.  deGrom fanned 10.  More importantly, Daniel Murphy was 0-4.  And more importantly than that, Yoenis Cespedes left the game with a pulled hamstring and was later put on the Disabled List.  Yes, seriously.  He’ll be done for the year as well as there’s no sense in bringing him back to action.  At least Yo is conscious that the medical staff is incompetent and that his own training methods aren’t good enough either.  That was semi-sarcastic.

SaturdayGreat lineup for this one.  First game in a long time where I did not watch a single pitch.  Not ashamed nor proud of it, simply stating a fact. Despite how disgusting they are to watch, I rarely miss a game because I’m a fan and I’m clearly a glutton for sadness.  It doesn’t appear that I missed much anyway.  4 runs in the first for the Nationals led to a 9-4 final. Rookie Travis Taijeron was called up to add an outfield to the roster and was strong in his debut going 0-4.  Welcome to the worst organization in baseball, Travis.  Wilmer Flores was 4-4 though.  I’m not a huge Flores fan but think he could fit nicely on the team next year as long as it’s not at third base.  He’s a good utility guy, ideally at 2nd base or 1st as needed.

Sunday – Doubleheader.  How lovely?  The Mets were actually able to split the double feature, though these games don’t matter much for each team. The Nats have all but cemented the NL East and are slated to be the #2 seed in the NL, probably destined for a duel with the Dodgers.  Even though Dummy Collins completely disregarded the fact that he may need his bullpen for the second game, he used SEVEN pitchers to secure a meaningless win in game 1, pulling starter Tommy Milone in the 5th inning despite only giving up a single run.  But a win is a win, and AJ Ramos gave the Mets 6 gutsy outs to lock it down, along with Juan Lagares, with his game-saving assist, and Amed Rosario, who gave the Mets the lead with his 8th inning solo shot.  Good group effort from the lads minus Dummy Collins.

Game 2 went to the bad guys.  Juanny Beisbol and Young Nimmo had a pair of hits each including Nimmo’s 2-run HR.  Dom Smith was 0-for again, dropping his average down to .161.  Whatever.  Shout out to Hansel Robles who walked THREE in a third of an inning of “work”.  He stinks, and everyone knows it.  Keith Hernandez put him in his place though before he even stepped out of the dugout.  Hansel’s days are (hopefully) numbered in Queens.

The Mets played 8 games this week and went 3-5.  It was as Mets-y of a week as ever with a trio of bad injury news.  Things happen in threes, right? And they’re always to the extreme for the Metropolitans.  The Mets are 57-73 and in 4th place, which is laughable.  The Marlins are safely in 2nd, but there’s no reason for the Mets to trail the Braves in the standings, I don’t care who’s playing.  Fuck baseball.  The Mets are screwed until further notice, likely until the end of time.


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