Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Gives His 10-Word Philosophy On Being Productive

INC: Starting as a small operation in a garage and now a global giant, it’s easy to forget the journey it took for Amazon to become what it is today. Things weren’t always peachy for Jeff Bezos and his company. …

At Amazon, his philosophy, in 10 words that can also make you more successful with your health and business goals, is: “We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.” Simple and straightforward, but highly effective for becoming successful. As you soak in those 10 words, remember these three key principles for applying them to become a healthier and higher-performing individual:

  1. Don’t fall into guilt trips and peer pressure.
  2. Great feats need time to become a reality.
  3. Avoid tunnel vision.


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How about a little Hump Day motivation for yo ass?!  All of y’all lazy asses, pay attention.  When Jeff Bezos speaks, you listen.  That is, of course, unless you’re not into taking advice from the richest second richest person in the world.  For the sake of letting bygones be bygones, I’ll look past the disappointing fact that Amazon stole my idea.  This is a very abridged version of what Bezos had to say in full.  I recommend reading it in its entirety if you need a mid week pick me up, if you want to make changes, or if you respect the empire that Bezos has built at Amazon.

“We are stubborn on vision.  We are flexible on details.”

I’m not going to even attempt to improve on what Bezos said, but what I can do is try to offer an opinion from someone who’s just like (most of) you, someone who’s out there grinding each and every day, hustling, trying to be better than I was yesterday.  Stay focused on the long term goals.  Roll with the bunches.  Macro patience, micro speed (credit to my guy Gary Vee for that one).

Some other takeaways?  Stop worrying about what reactions from your peers might be; fuck that shit.  Cliche, no doubt, but when you can ignore the outside noise, your level of effectiveness and productivity skyrockets. I’ve seen this happen in my life on small levels, and it’s miraculous.  Do you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, from what I’ve heard.  I wasn’t there so I can neither confirm nor deny.  Whatever goals or aspirations you’ve set for yourself are not materializing tonight or tomorrow.  Practicing patience is fucking hard, but I believe (as proven by Bezos and many other brilliant minds) that it pays off in the long run.  So many people only care about short term satisfaction.  I’m out here playing for keeps, baby.

Be adaptable.  Change is constant and inevitable.  If you can’t learn how to react and counterpunch, you’re cooked. “Be stubborn with what you want out of life, health, and business. But be malleable to how that vision formulates.”  Well said, Jeffrey.  Whatever your motto may be, stick to it. Work on making small changes in the present to pave the way for your future.  I hope the words of Bezos and/or myself were able to light a fire under your ass.  Get off your ass and do something, one time.


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