I Find Dr. Pepper To Be Disgusting

I do not like Dr. Pepper.  I proclaimed my stance on it roughly one week ago on various social media platforms including Snapchat and Twitter.  The blowback I got was unexpected but not unwelcome.  It was not my intent to cause a reaction, but I will not shy away from controversy or debate.  And I’ve come to yet another public platform, TheEricHammer.com, to expand my position on Dr. Pepper.  And I welcome any and all feedback.  The masses jumped out of their seats to express their vehement disagreement with my remarks, but that’s what happens when you express your opinions.  I don’t see anyone else out there talking about sodas, breaking down barriers, and encouraging conversations.  All of y’all are busy yelling from your windows while I’m out here in the streets on the front lines.

I think Dr. Pepper is gross.  In fact, I classify it under the “Trash” division.  The most common rebuttal I get from Dr. Pepper truthers is that if I like Root Beer then I should like Dr. Pepper.  Quite the contrary actually.  I do see similarities between the two which only supports my condemnation of this soda.  My taste buds tell me that Dr. Pepper tastes like a flat Root Beer, and I take incredible stock in what my taste buds tell me.  Once in a while I try to give Dr. Pepper another chance to placate my soda craving, but I’m left disappointed with tastes of an old, flat, dirty Root Beer-like imposter.  I think the carbonation level is low too.  Root Beer is refreshing and delicious.  It’s sweet and wonderful.  But Dr. Pepper?  Not so much.  I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again.  Taste is subjective.  You’re allowed to like Dr. Pepper.  I strongly disagree, but I respect your broken taste buds and what they convey to you.

I’d rather have no soda at all than Dr. Pepper.  Coming from someone who’s not a huge soda drinker, I still love a nice can/bottle of pop every once in a while.  Nothing beats a classic, Coca Cola.  What’s better than that?  Root Beer also has a special place in my heart, particularly Stewarts and Barq’s.  Sprite is versatile and much needed in any adequate soda buffet.  Ginger Ale is the most slept on soda of them all.  And as a wildcard nominee, I’d be remiss to not mention Orange Soda.  Give me those over garbage Dr. Pepper every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

PS – Imagine rolling up to a social gathering with a 6-pack of Dr. Pepper?  That’s a one-way ticket to getting laughed right in your face.  What a ridiculous picture, regardless of the context (most likely a corny ass, cheesy ass, commercial).


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