How Much Longer Must The Mets Endure Rafael Montero?

It wasn’t difficult to find an album worth of sad/disgusted/frustrated/angry Rafael Montero pictures.  And the reason for that is because he’s awful and continuously gets rocked out there on the mound, and so those are his most common emotions.  It’s no secret that the Mets have suffered a slew of injuries that would debilitate any team.  And those injuries have left the Mets with few options to fill in the starting rotation.  Adam Wilk, Tyler Pill, and now Chris Flexen have been the most desperate of spot starters, and none of them have shown much promise, though not much was expected of any of them.  But what Rafael Montero has done is unlike anyone else.  He’s been consistently terrible, and he’s still being given chances to prove himself.  When are the Mets gonna wake up and realize how bad this guy is?

His 2017 numbers are abysmal, as are his career numbers.  With a record of 2-13 and an ERA of 5.58 in 47 appearances, he’s proven himself as a non-asset, a trash can, and a liability to any team dumb enough to entrust him.  It makes no sense to keep trotting him out there every fifth day because he’s an automatic loss and an embarrassment to baseball.  Rafael Montero is making the Mets look bad.  Do you know how hard that is to do?  He’s the sacrificial lamb that won’t die and is not leading to any greater good.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I get that the season is lost.  I get that there aren’t really many options.  But I’d rather see anyone out there than this bum who can’t put batters away, who walks a million guys, and who throws 40+ pitches an inning on a regular basis.  Bring up someone from the minors.  Give them a chance to earn their stripes in the bigs because Monterrible has blown his chance time and time again.  Everyone in AAA is trying to get to the big dance, so why not call up a young, hungry guy to replace this sack of shit?  He offers less than zero to this ball club, and just because the season is in the toilet doesn’t mean we should be giving away wins.  And that’s exactly what the Mets are doing every 1-2x a week.  I swear to god if this guy is in a Mets jersey next year I’ll kill myself.


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