Weekly Mets Check In: The Amed Rosario Era Is Underway

Amed Rosario’s first week in the bigs.  Nothing else matters right now.

Monday – I recapped Monday in last week’s synopsis, but if you’re out of the loop or too lazy to click and read, I’ll sum it up even more briefly. Monday was Trade Deadline Day, and the Mets made one move that sent Addison Reed to the Red Sox for 3 relief pitching prospects.  Reed will be seeking a multi-year deal and was a popular target around the league, so it made sense for the Mets to get a return for him, even if the return doesn’t jump off the page.  IN ADDITION, GM Sandy Alderson announced that SS Amed Rosario will finally make his Mets debut on Tuesday.  It was an announcement that was long overdue.

Tuesday – Amed Rosario Day.  The prized prospect finally made his major league debut after months of suffering for fans.  The 21-yr old shortstop is the most highly touted position player in probably a decade.  He went 1-4 in his debut in Colorado, made some good plays in the field, and struggled to field a tough ball in the 9th inning that partially led to the winning run for the Rockies.  The bigger factor was that Hansel “Point up to the sky to signal a routine pop up even though the ball is going 450 ft” Robles walked the lead off man; everyone knew that run was coming around, Rosario simply expedited the process on a difficult play.  The Mets lost 5-4, but nobody really cares.  Steven Matz was great thru 5 and self destructed in the 6th, but nobody really cares.  It was exciting to see Rosario in a Mets uniform, and it was great seeing him leg out an infield single for his first big league hit.

Wednesday – The Mets won 10-5 in an offensive outburst that was inevitable in that ballpark.  Even teams as awful as the Mets can hit in that ballpark, shout out to that thin air they got out there in Denver.  Chris Flexen struggled again but the offensive support was more than enough to take the second game of the series.  Amed Rosario went 1-4, batting in his first run as a major leaguer.  He also tripled down the line which is not easy to do.  He can FLY.  The Mets probably haven’t seen speed like this since Jose Reyes, which is ironic enough because Rosario is basically replacing Jose. Also, Jay Bruce went yard for his 29th HR of the season.  He’s quietly putting together a monster season, and as of the day of this post he has 29 HRs and 75 RBIs.  I’m excited to see what his final numbers are, although it won’t help the Mets in negotiations if they want a reunion next year (and beyond).

Thursday – The rubber match in Colorado went to the Rockies, 5-4.  Yoenis Cespedes went yard, and Amed Rosario added another triple, but it was Hansel Robles who was the goat.  Not to be mistaken with the GOAT. Hansel Robles stinks.  And in the 9th inning, he hit a batter, intentionally walked one, and walked 2, capped off by putting the final ball 4 in the backstop.  Robles is fiery and boisterous, which is great, but he’s also an awful relief pitcher that I’m tired of watching.

Friday – The Dodgers were in town.  Fantastic.  One of the hottest teams in baseball history against one of the biggest laughingstocks in baseball.  To make matters worse, the newly acquired Yu Darvish was making his first start in a Dodgers uniform, and he certainly did not disrupt the flow of the winning machine they have in LA right now.  It was a 6-0 final as Jacon deGrom and the Mets didn’t even put up a fight.  On the bright side, Amed Rosario had a hit and a stolen base.  He’s the only reason worth watching this godforsaken team.

Saturday – The Mets put up a 3-spot in the 1st inning thanks to home runs by Michael Conforto, Wilmer Flores, and Curtis Granderson.  They jumped out to an early 3-0 which was squandered in the 6th by Seth Lugo.  The Dodgers used the long ball to come from behind and win 7-4.  FIVE home runs, including one from the NL batting leader and former Met, Justin Turner.  Watching that guy mash makes me fucking sick because he was a non-asset in a Mets jersey.  He’s also offensively ugly.  And the worst part about this loss was Amed Rosario going 0-4.

Sunday – To no surprise, the Dodgers completed the effortless sweep of the pitiful Mets.  It was over early, Justin Turner hit another HR, and the Mets had ONE hit.  Final score was 8-0 on national television.  I can’t imagine the conversation regarding flexing this game into the Sunday Night slot, as if any sane person wants to watch the Mets.  It certainly doesn’t help that the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast is painfully terrible, which Howie Rose had no problem admitting on air.  Thankfully Game of Thrones was on, and Noah Syndergaard’s cameo was far and away better than anything at Citi Field that night.

These are getting difficult to write for so many reasons.  But as a masochist and a glutton for pain, I will continue to watch.  Thank god Amed Rosario is finally here, who’s looked good in his first week.  He’s played well defensively, gotten on base a few times, and shown incredible speed. Hopefully he settles in nicely and continues to produce.  He fucking better, actually.  The future of this team has a lot riding on Amed Rosario panning out.  1 win and 5 losses last week, dropping the Muts to 49-60.  Booooooo!


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