Mets Radio Legend Howie Rose Rips Sunday Night Baseball Broadcast


It’s no secret that the Sunday Night Baseball crew is unimaginably terrible. Buster Olney has his on-field role and is of course well respected in the biz.  He’s been around for a while and rightfully so because he’s generally awesome.  People don’t usually bash on him, which is the ultimate complement as a broadcaster, right?  If nobody is complaining, you have to be doing something right.  Dan Schulman does play-by-play and is fine. Some people really like him, but I’m indifferent; I have no issue with him, but I understand when people lump him into the whole crew and therefore hate him.  Aaron Boone and Jessica Mendoza, on the other hand, are absolutely awful.  They occupy both analyst roles and are despised by almost everyone nationwide.  I have to think ESPN understands the perception of this crew and will make adjustments, but for now it is what it is.

Howie Rose is a legendary radio voice, known for his brilliance covering the Mets and the Islanders.  No exaggeration, Howie Rose is as closely associated with the Mets as Mr. Met himself.  The day that he hangs em up will be a dark, dark day.  He’s one of the best voices in all of sports.  And Sunday night we got a rare lash out from Howie.

Admittedly I wasn’t watching Sunday night’s game because A) the Mets are awful B) the Dodgers were a lock to massacre them C) Game of Thrones is on D) the broadcast is terrible…..  I can keep going but I didn’t watch because I didn’t want to.  So I don’t know exactly what happened but it sounded like everyone was ready to get the game going except for the ESPN team for whatever reason.  Sounds like it wasn’t actually the Sunday Night Baseball crew, but they’re still awful and should not be absolved of any finger pointing.

I don’t know how often something like this happens, but it was clear that the umpire and both teams were all set, but were given a red light for whatever reason.  Typically whenever there’s a lull in the action, or in this case a delay, the commentators will fill air time with some player analysis or quip to keep the mood light.  But in this case Howie Rose was fed the fuck up with everyone at ESPN.  Good for him.  One of my biggest complaints about announcers, analysts, and the like is that they often remain too objective for my liking.  I get that everyone has their own style of work, and each role is different, but it’s nice to hear personal opinions come out once in a while.

In short, Howie Rose is a legend and ESPN stinks, particularly the Sunday Night Baseball squad.


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