ESPNU Will Become ESPN 8 “The Ocho” For A Day On Tuesday

Major, major news!

On Tuesday, August 8th, the infamous ESPN8 “The Ocho” will become a reality.  Inspired from one of the all-time underrated comedies Dodgeball, for one day only, the host network of the coveted Las Vegas International Dodgeball Open will grace our televisions.  As per ESPN’s official statement, 8/8 is more or less the perfect day for ESPN8 “The Ocho”.  And what better timing than now?  We’re in the slowest part of the year for sports withing not much to entertain us other then the dog days of MLB and the occasional golf/tennis tourney.  I can’t believe I’m giving ESPN credit, but this is a great move.  The only complaint I have is that it should have been done years ago.

And while we’re at it, ESPN8 “The Ocho” should be a regular network.  The only time I ever land on ESPNU is when I’m scouring the TV guide in search of a random college football or basketball game.  Give me the Roller Derby Championships over the daytime garbage currently being aired on ESPNU.  Roller Derby not your thing?  What about darts or arm wrestling?  How about Kabaddi (what???)?  For any die hard dodgeball fans, set your alarms because Trampoline Dodgeball will be full go from 4:00AM-5:30AM.  The sports lull comes to an end on 8/8, people.  I’ll wrap up here and let your imaginations take the wheel.  Now we just need to get Obscure Sports Quarterly in circulation.


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