Potentially Maybe Big News: Chipotle Is Testing Queso

The “debate” over the years between Chipotle, Qdoba, and all of the imposters has come down to one thing and one thing only: queso.  I don’t have to explain my allegiance to Chipotle, but I’ve been open minded to the opinions of others in regard to their lack of queso.  The consensus from the masses has been that Qdoba outshines Chipotle solely due to the presence (or lack there of) of a simple cheese sauce.  In short, that’s the only leg Qdoba has had to stand on.  And that leg may soon be kicked out from under them.  The rumors are true.  Chipotle has flirted with queso for quite some time, and it appears to be materializing as we speak.

USA Today: “Chipotle Mexican Grill debuted several new menu items Monday, including queso, two kinds of frozen margaritas, and a salad at their public test kitchen in New York City, the NEXT Kitchen.  “Queso is something that’s been requested from us for many, many years. Pretty much since we started,” said Chief Marketing Officer Mark Crumpacker. Each item is different but, if all goes well, Crumpacker  expects queso will run in the test kitchen for about a month and then move to multiple markets across the country.”

Qdoba has never held a candle to Chipotle, queso or not.  Personally, I think a cheese sauce is actually a hindrance to a burrito or burrito bowl.  Too much moisture makes for messy eating and inconvenient disassembling of said menu selection.  Cheese itself does the job in solid form.  If we’re talking dipping with chips, I’m all ears.  But at that same token, give me guacamole over queso, salsa, and anything else.  The bottom line is that if Chipotle finds its test run successful and ends up rolling out queso into all locations across the country, it’s a fucking wrap for Qdoba.  It’s game over.  It’s blouses.  It doesn’t matter if Chipotle’s queso stinks out loud. Queso-cravers will spend money at Chipotle instead of Qdoba and instead of Moe’s, and that’s what it comes down to.

If there was ever any doubt as to who is better, we can put that to bed.  Rolling out queso would be the coup de grace that leads to the speedy demise of Qdoba.  Chipotle quite literally does everything better than Qdoba today.  If tomorrow they draft a new star player with a better skill set then that of Qdoba, the former shining star is rendered irrelevant.  Qdoba cannot and will not survive.  Credit to them for surviving this long because now there’s literally no reason to step foot in there again.  Buenos noches, to Qdoba and their band of losers that stood by them foolishly.


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