Tomorrow’s All Star Game Will Be Great Because It Doesn’t Count

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s All Star Game more than any other ASG I can remember.  I may not even watch, yet the excitement is so, so real.  And this is because the game does not count.  Since 2002, the All Star Game decided which league would be the “home team” in the World Series.  How stupid is that?  It doesn’t matter if the NL winner had 86 wins and the AL winner had 110; if the National League won the ASG, the NL team would host 4 home games versus 3 for the AL.  And to think that the FANS decided who plays in the game that makes that decision.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  It was probably the dumbest “rule” in all of sports.

The only real incentive now for players, I believe, is money; money of which they have by the tens of millions.  So the game really means nothing, as it should be.  It’s kind of fun I guess to watch baseball’s best compete for a night.  If I’m around, I’ll put it on.  But the fact that MLB had the decency to remove the World Series implications makes tomorrow’s ASG a great one, and it hasn’t even happened yet.  We may not see a game like the 1999 ASG where Pedro struck out 5 in 2 innings, but I’m preemptively nominating tomorrow’s game as one of the best ever.  It’s also Day 2 of a 4-day stretch of no Mets baseball, so therefore it is a great day.

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