Why Don’t More People On Jeopardy Go For A True Daily Double?

This’ll be brief.  I watch Jeopardy almost every night as I scarf down my dinner.  It’s become a staple of my post-work routine that I don’t keep to at all.  Basically if I’m around at 7, I may put on Jeopardy.  I yell out answers, most of which are incorrect.  Once in a while I’ll get one right.  On rare occasion, one of the categories are right in my wheelhouse and I’ll sweep the board.  But this isn’t about me.  (It kind of is because this revs my engines on a daily basis and not in the good way.)

This is about the loser contestants.  When someone’s lucky enough to get a Daily Double, why aren’t they risking more money?  You should be making it a “True Daily Double” every single time, which means you bet every dollar you have.  This is especially true in the first round.  Rarely does anyone have more than like $5,000, and the dollar amounts in Double Jeopardy are large enough where you can easily fight your way back into the game if not into the lead.

I get it if it’s an obscure category that they may not be knowledgeable in, but these nerds should be intelligent enough to be at least decent in every category.  If they have $4,000 and only bet $500, what’s the fucking point?  Are you there to win or are you there to play it safe?  Grow a pair and make things interesting.  Put the game in your back pocket.  Take control of the game and command the lead.  LEAVE YOUR OPPONENTS IN THE ALEX TREBEK GREY HAIR DUST!


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