Weekly Mets Check In: Sell Everyone

Part 12:

I’ll summarize the week in short, elementary-level headlines.  The Dodgers beat the daylights out of the Mets in a 4-game sweep.  The Mets players were crying about the Dodgers hitting too many home runs.  The Mets announced that they’ve essentially given up and are in sell mode (thank god).  Asdrubal Cabrera asked to be traded because he doesn’t want to play second base even though he stinks at short stop.  The Mets swept the Giants who are very, very bad.  Despite the positive finish to the week, do not be fooled because the Giants are horrible and the Mets are not much better.

Monday – What team wouldn’t want to kick off a 10-game road trip against Clayton Kershaw?  The Mets had no chance in their first of seven games on the West Coast.  It doesn’t matter that Kershaw has been a little off (by Clayton Kershaw standards) this season.  And it didn’t matter that Kershaw was off in this game because it was over within minutes.  The Dodgers put up a 4-spot in the 1st followed by 3 more in the 2nd, and that was all she wrote.  The Mets hit four home runs off of Clayton Kershaw, which no team has ever done.  It’s perfectly fitting that the Mets would do that and still lose the game.  How many times has a team scored six runs off of Kershaw and still lost?  Can’t be many if at all.  But that’s how it works in Mets Land.  Nobody finds ways to lose like this team.  Classic Mets.  The final score was 10-6, but when you’re down 7-0 after two innings, the “comeback” is trivial.

Zack Wheeler hasn’t seen the 3rd inning in either of his last 2 starts, amounting 15 earned runs in those two pathetic outings.  And he was promptly put on the DL shortly after; the official word was “bicep tendinitis” and that he would only be missing one start.  In other words, he’s fatigued and flat out bad and will undoubtedly miss significant time.  Who expected anything other than the disabled list after he insisted he was healthy?

Tuesday – This one felt like de ja vu.  Another 4-run 1st inning let us Mets fans get to bed early again.  That’s the one positive to this entire mess; when the Mets go out west there’s no real need to stay up late and watch the game because A) they stink and will lose and B) it doesn’t matter since the season’s already long lost.  Robert Gsellman was terrible once again and has earned himself a modest ERA over over 6.00.  Last season was clearly a flash in the pan.  And lightning does not strike twice, especially when it would benefit the New York Mets in any way.  It was no contest.  The Mets didn’t even put up a fight.  They may as well have stayed in the hotel because it was a complete shit show from start to finish.  12-0 final score.  The Dodgers bats were all hitting, and the Mets were only able to muster four measly hits in the entire game.  Five more dingers for the Dodgers in this one.  One helluva skid the Mets are on at this point with no end in sight.

Wednesday – It was another blowout loss by the score of 8-2.  Tyler Pill was Tyler Pill, and I won’t get on him much for not being very good because it’s a shame we’re in this position where he has to pitch every fifth day, although surrendering two more HRs is frustrating.  Who I will get on is Wilmer Flores.  Yasiel Puig hit a mammoth, moon shot home run in the 4th inning, all but ensuring another easy win for the Dodgers.  He watched it from the batter’s box and then pimped his trot around the bases.  During his slow trot, Wilmer Flores took offense to it and voiced his opinion directly to Puig, who proceeded to tell Wilmer to go fuck himself, and rightfully so.

Apparently Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Reyes, and Travis d’Arnaud also had words with Puig at some point.  But let me tell you something about Wilmer Flores.  He will be remembered for one thing and that’s crying on the field in the middle of a game.  I love that he cares, but he had no right to say a single word to Puig.  At the end of the game Flores told reporters that Puig has “no respect for the game”.  Has there ever been a bigger sore loser cry baby?  How about you stop serving batting practice to the other team?  Hey Wilmer, learn how to field and throw a ground ball.  Hey Wilmer, maybe you should start hitting more bombs.  When your team is getting embarrassed night in and night out, the only ones to blame are the people in Mets uniforms.  It’s such a pussy move to point a finger at Yasiel Puig.  Shut the fuck up, Wilmer Flores.  You’re an average baseball player at best, stop crying and whining like a child.

Thursday – The Dodgers effortlessly completed the 4-game sweep of the New York Mess.  The long ball was working all week for LA, paying off in dividends.  Three more in this game made it FIFTEEN home runs in the series.  Obviously the Mets are a joke, but the Dodgers are legit.  Corey Seager is a fucking stud, and this kid Cody Bellinger is one of the best stories of the year; this kid has some serious power.

As for the Mets, Steven Matz was okay but not good enough.  If you hand a tie game over to the Mets bullpen, it’s an auto loss.  6 innings, 3 runs, 8 strikeouts should be enough to at least give your team a chance to win, but I couldn’t have been any less surprised when I went to sleep at 3-3 only to see a 6-3 final in the AM.  Even Jerry Blevins was off his game, tallying three walks in the 7th inning.  It was a bad end to one of the worst series I’ve ever seen the Mets play.  It’s hard to get swept in a four game series, and the Mets did so with gusto.  15 HRs in 4 games…are you fucking for real?  Also I would have benched Wilmer Flores’s bum ass.  Nice of him to respond to Puig’s antics by going 0-5 the next day.

Friday – Vintage Mets on this Summer Friday.  Not only are they approaching the weekend after losing 7 of 8, but they made some waves before the game too.  And I’m not talking peaceful, relaxing day at the beach waves.  Early in the day the Mets put out the word that they’d be listening to offers for players, specifically the guys who are free agents after the year is up (Jose Reyes, Neil Walker, Curtis Granderson, Jay Bruce, Asdrubal Cabrera, Lucas Duda, Addison Reed, Jerry Blevins).  This is actually the right thing for the Mets to say, and it’s encouraging to hear it at this early stage because they know damn well that they can’t get out of this massive hole.  It sounds like they’re not actively shopping these guys around, not yet at least, but they’re open to offers.  I’d trade each and every one of them if we can get even a decent return for them.

Also before the game, Asdrubal Cabrera was activated from the disabled list and inserted into the lineup playing 2B.  Cabrera, who has been nothing short of terrible at SS this season, was unhappy and asked his agent to be traded.  LOL.  I’ll drive him to the airport myself if that’s what it takes.  He has been a solid Met, and has played injured this year, but he’s been a major liability in the field.  If he can’t understand why he’s being replaced, then he’s got a bad brain to compliment his bad glove and bad attitude.  No contender is going to trade for him to play him at shortstop.  Bro, you’re not even good enough to play short for the METS!  Naturally, Asdrubal collected three hits Friday night, as the Mets had 20 as a team on the way to an easy 11-4 win over the awful SF Giants.  Five players had 3 hits, and although Seth Lugo was far from dominant, it was enough to secure the W.

Saturday – If there’s one player that makes Mets games worth watching, it’s Jacob deGrom.  There’s been debate over the years of who’s the real Mets ace.  Harvey made a case for himself at one point (ha!), Syndergaard has shown that he could be one of baseball’s best, but deGrom has always quietly been dominant.  He’s mild mannered and composed, and is better than just about anyone at making tough pitches with men on base.  We’ve seen two deGrom’s this year, either really good or really bad, and there hasn’t been much in between.  After the back-to-back abysmal at the beginning of the month, deGrom has been unstoppable.  And Saturday we saw that again.

deGrom allowed only one run in 8 innings of work, striking out 7.  It’s his third straight start where he’s been virtually untouchable.  Apparently he has a new training regiment from John Smoltz?  COUNT ME IN.  Word on the street is the Astros want to trade for deGrom.  Not for sale if you ask me.  And if they even consider it, it better be for a king’s ransom.  Also, he’s batting .294.  No big deal.  It was a 1-1 game heading into the 8th, which wasn’t unexpected in a pitcher’s duel.  As likely as it is for deGrom to throw a gem on any given day, it’s just as true for Johnny Cueto.  The Mets bats strung together 4 runs off the Giants bullpen in the last 2 innings, giving the Mets a 5-2 win.

Sunday – Only a truly pitiful team can make Rafael Montero look like a legitimate pitcher.  The Mets completed the sweep of the Giants in an 8-2 win and are leaving the West Coast on a 3-game win streak, albeit after getting embarrassed for 4 games in LA.  The Mets left approximately 1000 men on base and should have won the game by 40 runs.  But a win is a win is a win.  The 1-6 hitters all had multiple hits, and my BOY Rene Rivera had two dingers, hopefully strengthening his case to play everyday.  Nice way to end the week after an abysmal start to the road trip.

The Mets got their dicks kicked in against the Dodgers, four nights in a row.  And then they were able to beat up on the Giants.  SF stinks but it’s nice to kick them while they’re down given how the 2016 season ended.  It was a 3-4 week, and a week of two very different stories.  The Mets are 34-41 and still a bad team that will hopefully sell everyone to contenders and rebuild this farm system.

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