The NYC Street Corner Fruit Stands Are Gross And I Won’t Hear Otherwise

This will be brief.  Those carts on the corners in NYC selling fruit are disgusting and so are you if you buy fruit from there.  I walk past dozens of them daily and until the other day walked past them without a second thought.  A few days ago I did a double take and realized exactly what was happening.  It hit me that people were buying loose pieces of fruit off of a makeshift cart from some stranger on a random street corner in Manhattan. There’s no cleaning system.  Those wooden carts don’t have those fancy automatic timer misters like Wegmans and Stop & Shop do.

Where does that guy even get the fruit from?  Nobody knows where any of it came from, not me, not you, not the guy selling it.  And what happens when it goes bad – does he toss it and replenish the next day?  Do you know how uneconomical that is?  He must have crazy overhead and inventory if so.  I had a bunch of people tell me I was dead wrong and that those carts have the best and cheapest fruit.  HELLO you’re buying fruit from some dirty NYC man!  What kind of sane person would stop there for their morning mango?  It’s insane how many people jumped down my throat.  Lots of people yelled at me saying “Dude the bananas are fine you peel the skin.”  Listen, fruit is fruit.  Fruit from the stand on the corner is fruit from the stand on the corner.

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