Mets Appropriately Roasted On Twitter After Announcement Of Protective Netting

After the Mets announced their laundry list of injuries, the team Twitter account announced that a new protective netting will soon be added to Citi Field.  Big news.  I mean the season is in the toilet, the roster is up in flames, we got the mascot giving everyone the middle finger, but it’s encouraging to know that ownership still puts the fans above all else.  Let’s take to Twitter to gage the knee jerk reaction:

There were about 150 of these replies.  Another infielder injury, and Amed Rosario continues to scorch in AAA.  Honestly he’s probably better off far away from here or else he’ll get hurt too.  But nevertheless, a classic response and by far the most popular.

Because everyone’s hurt.  Did you get it?

Call me a simple man, but this made me laugh.

Marvin spitting the truth and nothing but the truth.  He speaks for all Mets fans.

This couldn’t be more true.  The Coupons are all about robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Penny smart, dollar foolish.  And if that didn’t make sense, I’ll make it simple: they’re frugal assholes who only care about cashing checks.

Love this one.  Reminds me of when someone wears a camouflage shirt and someone cracks a joke about how they have a floating head.  Never gets old.

The clear cut winner.

This one hurts, but the sentiment is shared by many.

Sandy Alderson does seem like a big drool guy.


There were over 200 replies on that tweet, all of which were similar to one of these for the most part.  The Mets PR team is so tone deaf, so pathetic, and so predictable.  If someone really thought this was the right time to make this announcement (literally 10 minutes after the injury news broke), someone needs to be giving back their parking spot tomorrow.  No clue how to do anything correctly at Citi Field.  What a disaster.

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