Weekly Mets Check In: One Giant Middle Finger To The Mets

Part 9:

Monday – The first of 4 games against the Brewers who the Mets desperately seek vengeance on, courtesy of the Mother’s Day debacle (see: Sunday).  Robert aka Bob Gsellman gets the ball with a staggering 6.45 ERA prior to this start, against Matt Garza who has been nothing short of terrible over the last 2+ years (despite a decent start to this season).

Bobby G was phenomenal, giving the Mets 7 strong innings (2 runs, only 1 earned) along with 2 RBIs of his own.  Pitching has been the Mets achilles heel in 2017, but this outing from Bob makes him the 4th straight Mets starter to pitch 6+ innings.  Last time out, Collins pulled Gsellman after 86 pitches and 6 innings, leading to a classic Mets bullpen collapse.  A similar situation surfaced in Monday’s game; Gsellman looked great through 6, pitch count at or around 85 pitches.  Bottom of the 6th comes, bases loaded, 2 outs, pitcher’s spot up.  Collins had a decision to make to pull Bob and try to get some insurance, or let him bat, hope for the best, and let him continue on pitching.  Gsellman drew a walk, bringing up a huge insurance run.  I would give Collins credit but it’s more likely than not that he simply had no idea what to do because it had all happened so fast.  Nobody was throwing in the pen at the time which was dumb because Gsellman may need to get pulled in the 7th at a moment’s notice.  But it worked out for the best, partially due to a no-call from ump C.B. Bucknor that should have struck out Gsellman, who is known for a notoriously inconsistent strike zone.

The Mets’ 3-run 5th inning was the catalyst for the victory.  They started the inning with three straight hits, tying the game on a Rene Rivera RBI-double.  Rene Rivera > Travis d’Arnaud.  Wilmer Flores was a part of the rally, who has been a real force as of late.  Wilmer had 3 hits in this game and has 2+ hits in 9 of his 13 starts in the month of May.  He’s batting .313 on the year and has been hitting righties very hard, something we have not seen of Wilmer.  Gsellman helped his cause with a go ahead sac fly, and Michael Conforto continued the outburst with an RBI double.  Conforto has cooled off majorly in the last week, but this was undeniably a big hit.  Addison Reed nearly blew it in the 9th but managed to make big pitches with his back against the wall.  Mets win 4-2.  And on the same day, Bryce Harper charged the mound and got punched in the face.  ‘Twas a glorious Monday in Mets Land.

Tuesday – The Mets are making it a point to stick it to the Brewers after getting swept on Mother’s Day Weekend.  They almost blew it, they took the road less traveled, they did not make it easy on themselves, but they took the win 5-4 in 12 innings.  Winners of three straight, it’s something to build upon.  More importantly, Tyler Pill got his first major league start and was impressive.  He left the game with one out in the sixth, the Mets clinging to a 2-1 lead.  The more impressive feat was Pill’s resilience to make pitches and strand runners; he walked three and allowed six hits, but was most effective with runners on base.  After a tough debut Saturday night out of the bullpen, we saw some encouraging signs from Pill.  With Matz and Lugo looming in their road back to the majors, Pill will still most likely have an important role whether it be every fifth day, or out of the pen as needed.  The jury’s still out with a small sample size, but Pill certainly impressed on Tuesday night.

Jay Bruce’s walk off single in the 12th propelled the Mets to victory, but it never should have come to that.  Asdrubal Cabrera dropped a routine pop up in the 7th that should have ended the inning; shades of Luis Castillo induced serious PTSD for me and every other Mets fan.  A mishap like that leads to a loss for the Mets 9 times out of 10.  Somehow, some way, the Mets bullpen held up, and the offense was able to scratch out a run first.  Josh Smoker was tremendous with three shutout innings, and Jerry Blevins was solid as well despite the game tying error behind him.  Shout out to Jay Bruce for bailing out Asdrubal Cabrera and coming through with the big hit and securing the dub for the good guys.


Wednesday – The Mets got their taints handed to them.  Jacob deGrom was awful and was tagged for 7 runs in only 4 innings of work; he threw 105 pitches in those 4 innings.  We’re used to seeing him struggle early, settle in quickly, and bear down.  Wednesday he simply didn’t have it.  It was a bad night from start to finish from the pitching, the offense, and, in a shocking turn of events, Mr. Met.

I won’t harp on it too much here (you can read my full blog here), but Mr. Met flipped the bird to a fan last night.  The literal face of the franchise was walking off the field, turned to a fan, and gave them the middle finger.  It instantly became news, and the man behind the mask was allegedly fired.  It symbolizes everything that this team is this year.  Even the fucking mascot who can’t talk is fed up with the subpar performance through the first 2 months.  What a moment.


Thursday – Happy Anniversary, Johan.  5 years ago on this date, Mets fans witness the first and only no hitter in New York Mets history.  Johan Santana threw 134 pitches and was never the same after that.  And I wouldn’t trade that night for anything.  My dad and I did one of those jumping hugs that I’m embarrassed to even type out on my little laptop here.  I am forever indebted to Johan Santana.  Thank you.

The Mets offense was stymied by Chase Anderson, who continues his hot pitching streak after taking a no hitter into the 8th inning his last time out.  The Brewers brought in a run in the 3rd and 4th inning, and it became apparently very quickly that the Mets were cooked.  Chase Anderson was too good, and the Mets bats were/are too bad.  The 1-4 hitters were a combined 0-15.  Two of the three outs in the 9th (down only one run) went down on strikes looking; bat never even came off the shoulder.  For the most part, the bats are outmatched every single night it seems.  The lone run was courtesy of a Wilmer Flores solo HR, who is batting .400 in his last 20 games.  I’m not a huge Flores guy, but when he’s hitting, he has to be in the lineup.

Zack Wheeler had an up and down day on the mound.  In his 6+ innings, he put 5 out of 7 lead off hitters on base, which is a bad recipe.  He was able to make big pitches and generate double plays in the 4th, 5th, and 6th innings.  His final numbers were better than his actual performance.  But with that said, he’s been fantastic since the beginning of May.  In his last 5 starts, he hasn’t allowed more than 3 runs, but he also hasn’t been able to get through 7 innings (only more than 6 today).  His pitch count has been and remains a major issue that needs quick fixing.

There was an issue in the middle of the game where Wheeler got a batter to pop up in foul territory, and when Wilmer Flores went to make the play, the fucking bat boy bumped into him causing the ball to drop.  The ump called the batter out right away on the account of interference, but the crew quickly conversed and overturned it.  Terry Collins argued the call and was promptly ejected.  It sounds like based on the rule, the right call was eventually made, but you can’t blame Collins for freaking out about an out being taken away.  The batter ended up grounding into an inning-ending double play because BALL DON’T LIE, but the fact that the Mets can’t even get capable bat boys is so Mets it hurts.


Friday – Another disaster.  Matt Harvey was bad again, most likely because he is bad.  Him and his 5.43 ERA can fuck off.  It’s time the Mets think about putting him in the bullpen because he has no business pitching every five days.  Stick him in the pen, put him on the DL, send him down, please do something.  Just how bad has he been?  Quite bad.  His strikeout numbers are way down, his walks are way up, his command stinks, and his smug attitude drives me crazy.  He has a Batman logo with his own silhouette next to his locker.  What a cock.

By the way, Harvey was walked 4+ in 4 of his last 5 starts.  So right now he’s about as bad as he’s ever been.  Despite another poor performance from the once-was-Dark-Knight, the Mets were in a position to win when he was pulled from the game in the 6th.  When you get to a stud like Gerrit Cole and put up a 7 spot against him in 5 innings, that should be enough to win; key word should.  Paul Sewald was the sacrificial goat of choice Friday night.  He faced 8 batters, 7 of which got on base.  5 runs in 1 third of an inning, and as the Mets so often do, they took a lead and gave it right back before you blinked.

Paul Sewald has actually been pretty solid since debuting with the Mets this year.  But it’s pick your poison every night for Terry Collins.  He has a shitty bullpen to start, and bad starting pitching leads to overuse of said bullpen, thus leaving Collins with less of a choice of which bad arm to put on the mound.  With that said, Collins left Sewald out there to die last night.  He got fucking rocked, and Collins refused to throw him a life raft.  Sewald stinks but it’s not his fault that he stinks.  It all stems from the shitty starting pitching.  Credit should also be given to Sandy Alderson for not adding any bullpen help in the offseason.  Fuck you, man.

Everyone on the Pirates was hitting, including the third string catcher who came into the game with (I believe) one career RBI; naturally, he had six last night.  As for the Mets, Lucas Duda hit two mammoth home runs last night.  Curtis Granderson is batting .201 (season high?), Jose Reyes is batting .191, and Michael Conforto’s average has plummeted to just above .300; on May 24th Conforto was batting .341.  The dumpster fire continues to spread in Queens.  When does it end?


Saturday – I barely watched the game because I’ve had the clear mind to not waste precious weekend time on this garbage team.  I’d much rather be out there drinking and having a great time instead of watching the Mets which causes a night of drinking.  Turns out the Mets won.  Bob Gsellman was good enough to hand the game over to the bullpen in hopes that they’d secure the win.  Shockingly enough, that’s exactly what happened.  The Mets used 3 relievers (which is less than usual) for 3.2 innings, and the door was shut by a 6-out save courtesy of Addison Reed.  It was a rare, good pitching performance all around.  Negatives?  Asdrubal Cabrera continues to show his age in the field, recording yet another error; he’s been nothing short of terrible defensively especially when comparing this year to how good he once was.  Granderson’s average is back below the Mendoza Line.  Jose Reyes sat again.  Even in a victory, there’s so many negatives to point out.


Sunday – Blow out.  Mets lost 11-1.  Tyler Pill was mediocre (though I won’t hold that against him).  The defense was terrible.  The bullpen was terrible.  Typical Sunday in Mets Land to close out another shitty week.


The Mets went 3-4 this past week, falling to 24-31 overall, and are 11 games behind the Washington Nasties.  It’s all bad in Queens.  Apparently Steven Matz and Seth Lugo will be joining the rotation this week, but I have my doubts.  Plus, we don’t know how good they’ll be or how good Seth Lugo is in general.  Him and Gsellman were both superb last year, and now Gsellman stinks.  Lugo will be throwing with a partially torn UCL so forgive me for not setting high expectations.  If Matz and Lugo are good, however, it may be time to move Harvey to the bullpen.  The pen can’t get any worse, and neither can Matt, so why not?  It’s sad to see how far this pitching staff has fallen.  The Mets stink.  And can we promote Amed Rosario from AAA please?  Nothing to lose.


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