Are They Ever Going To Make Another Austin Powers Movie?

The Austin Powers trilogy is one of the most successful in movie history (maybe).  I can’t think of many trilogies in general, let alone one where each successor is better than its predecessor.  That’s how everyone feels, right?

International Man of Mystery < The Spy Who Shagged Me < Goldmember

As much as I would love to guide you down memory lane with clips and quotes from all three of these genius movies, I’d like to focus on brevity and the future.  I want to know why there hasn’t been a 4th movie made yet. Maybe you forgot how Goldmember ended…

Nigel Powers mended the relationship between his sons, Austin and Dr. Evil aka Dougie.  The good guys assembled and Scotty swore vengeance on them all, particularly Austin Powers.  Just when Scotty was earning the love and respect he so long desired for from his father, Dr. Evil switched sides. But Scott’s enemy is still Austin Powers first and foremost.

It’s been 15 years since we were graced with Beyonce (aka Foxy Cleopatra) and Goldmember.  I think it’s time for the next chapter to be written.  It’s been long enough where a new movie can’t taint the first three no matter how bad it is.  It’s been enough time where most people have forgotten about the series altogether, and the few that were holding out for a 4th installment have most likely given up.  People don’t forget.  We need more Austin Powers, more Mini Me, more Dr. Evil, more Fembots, more Basil Exposition, more Fat Bastard, more Number Two (he’s alive right?), and a new, weird villain (in addition to Scotty; ladies and gentlemen, Scotty don’t.).


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