Weekly Mets Check In: Upper Management Is Clueless

Part 8:

The league worst SD Padres are in town.  When I think of the Padres, I think of the Grand Slam rain delay game the afternoon after the Wilmer Flores crying game in 2015.  That day will always leave a sour taste in my mouth despite the fact that it ended up being the turning point propelling a World Series run.  But the Padres stink.  If the Mets are bad, the Padres are really bad.  I certainly don’t see the Mets recovering from the hole they’ve dug themselves, but any self respecting ball club will beat up on bad teams in their own stadium.  The Mets aren’t exactly a force right now, but it’s an opportunity to hold serve for a few days while some injuries continue to heal up.

Monday – uneventful off day, thus a win in Mets Land

Tuesday – The Mets put up a 7-spot in the first inning.  It’s great to give any pitcher a cushion like that, but with Matt Harvey’s confidence lower than ever, it was especially good timing for a 1st-inning breakout.  When the lead off hitter has 3 RBIs in the first inning, things are clicking.  Michael Conforto is blossoming into a superstar right before our eyes.  And if there’s anything to look forward to long term (because the pitching is a disaster), he’s it.  Which brings me to the pitching aka Matt Harvey.  He got the win last night as a result of the offense, not his pitching.  Matt Harvey was not good in this game, don’t let the win fool you.  He gave the lead off hitter a 3-0 count in the first 3 innings, and was unable to even start the 6th inning.  He walked 4 in 5 innings, including walking a relief pitcher.  Make no mistake about it, Matt Harvey is not “back”.  I’m sick and tired of hearing him say he “feels good”.  Throw 8 shut out innings one time.

The last thing you want to see when you blow a game open early is heavy bullpen usage.  But the Mets were forced to use 5 different arms to piece together the victory.  A horrible bullpen that’s overworked could have had a “night off” if the starting pitching was able to hold up, but alas it did not.  Josh Smoker was called up from Vegas to replace Hansel Robles and served up a monster HR on his first pitch.  And fuck Terry Collins.  Jerry Blevins is on pace to appear in more games in a season than anyone ever.  He’s arguably their best arm out of the pen and is for sure an important piece.  Can you give the guy an extra day of rest?  The game was essentially a blowout.  What a dope Collins is.  Get him out of here.

Wednesday – How much longer do we have to put up with this Terry Collins joker?  He used Blevins and Reeds in a blowout on Tuesday, thus making them unavailable in Wednesday’s game.  And what happens?  He pulls Gsellman after 84 pitches and 6 innings because he “wanted him to leave feeling good”.  Meanwhile Gsellman said he felt fine to continue.  Now Terry’s options are limited, and Smoker comes in and fails to do his job.  Terry brings in Neil Ramirez to face Wil Myers in a crucial situation, unbeknownst to him that Myers took Ramirez yard less than one month ago; Myers promptly tied the game.

It’s the manager’s job to know match ups and batter/pitcher histories.  Him not knowing Myers’s numbers against Ramirez, albeit a small sample size, proves that he’s not doing his job.  Last year he did the same thing; he didn’t pinch run Brandon Nimmo for Jay Bruce in a late game situation because he didn’t know who was faster.  The manager of the team literally said “for all I know Bruce is faster”.  It’s your fucking job to know that you idiot.  Terry Collins continues to mismanage this team.  The only thing he’s managing is his employment, despite that making no logical sense.  He doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Leaving guys in too long, taking guys out too early, etc.  It’s one thing after the next.  The loss falls on him, but nobody did their job.  The Padres bullpen pitched 8.1 innings on Tuesday and 6.1 innings in this game.  Yet the Mets are the one with the bullpen issues.

The Mets had a 5-1 lead in this game and squandered it to the worst team in baseball, although you can make the arguments that the Mets really are the worst team in baseball.  They had bases loaded and nobody out in the bottom of the 9th, down one run, and did not score.  Granderson struck out on 4 pitches and continues to show that he simply doesn’t have it anymore.  He’s been productive for 3 years, but he sucks ass now and needs to start riding pine.

Thursday – Rubber match against “the worst team in baseball”.  It would be more proper to say the Padres had a rubber match against the worst team in baseball because that’s what the Mets are right now.  It was supposed to be Jacob deGrom against Dinelson Lamet making his ML debut.  It was supposed to be Jacob deGrom.  The Mets announced during the day that deGrom would be pushed back “because of the weather”.  What the fuck does that even mean?  And they’re sending Rafael Montero out there?!  Why bother?!  I’ve fucking had it with this garbage of pushing back starts the day of.  And when that bum Montero gets the call it’s 10x worse.

If the weather is bad enough that you don’t want to potentially waste deGrom in a game that doesn’t finish, then don’t play the game at all because if the game does get played, it’s an AUTOMATIC LOSS with Montero on the bump.  Needless to say, the Mets lost, and Rafael Montero was a bum yet again.  They capped him at 87 pitches, asking his depleted bullpen to work overtime after overusing them the previous 2 nights.  Terry Collins cannot get out of his own way.  He’s a buffoon.  I doubt it was his decision to push deGrom but as a manager he still has to face the music.  Honestly it didn’t matter when Montero was told he was starting.  He could have been given a year’s notice, and he still would have pitched like shit because he is shit.  The pitching is the single biggest issue.  They need to avoid guys like Montero at all costs.

Odds are that the Wilpons aka the Coupons made that call to push deGrom and still play the game even though it’s literally a guaranteed loss every time Montero touches a baseball.  I have to tip my cap to them.  I hate them with every fiber of my being, but I gotta give it to them.  They make bad decision after bad decision, and don’t lose a moment of sleep.  They simply do not give a fuck about anything other than cashing checks.  This entire organization is inept from top to bottom.

Friday – Montero sent down finally for Tyler Pill who has pitched extremely well in AAA-Vegas.  He’s not a hard thrower but he literally cannot be worse than Rafael Montero.  I wouldn’t have minded if the Mets got swept because it may have been the end for Terry Collins if so.  Obviously, the Mets won led by a stellar effort from Jacob deGrom.  He pitched into the 9th inning, something we haven’t seen in a long, long time.  In fact, Jacob deGrom is the first Mets pitcher to work at least 7.1 innings since AUGUST.  It seems like every game the starter goes 5 innings tops, which is not good enough for any team, especially one that’s built to rely on their starters going deep into games.  It was a beat down in every sense of the word.  Mets win 8-1.

Saturday – I elected to enjoy another day of MDW rather than suffering through what turned out to be another blown lead.  It was Addison Reed and Tyler Pill (debut) who ultimately faltered.  The offense failed to capitalize on a ton of opportunities throughout the game, despite knocking a stud pitcher (Gerrit Cole) out of the game after 5 innings.  But it was the bullpen, once again, that did them in, blowing the lead in the 9th, and losing it in the 10th.  Nothing new.  Bad team, bad bullpen, bad loss.  Oh and Yoenis Cespedes re aggravated his hammy in a rehab start.  Still 7-10 days away from returning to the majors, which means more like 3 weeks.  Classic.

Sunday – The first Sunday win for the Mets since April 9th.  Sad!  Matt Harvey showed flashes of his 2013 self, dialing up to the mid-high 90s, battling through jams, and making pitches when needed.  He wasn’t great, but it was his best stuff we’ve seen in a while; refreshing to say the least.  The offense earned 7 runs off 14 hits in a strong effort all around from the Mets to win a series.

Despite losing 2 games to the abysmal Padres, in Mets fashion I might add, it wasn’t a total disaster this week.  Next week is a different story, and I am preparing to watch the Mets continue to trip over themselves.  But they split the 2 series, going 3-3 overall, and remain out of the race at 21-27.  But after losing 8 of 10, splitting 6 games isn’t the worst thing in the world.  Steven Matz and Seth Lugo are apparently close to returning to the active roster, Cespedes we don’t know for sure, but it’ll be nice to see some of the gang back together.

It was a decent week that ended well, but we cannot ignore the incompetence from upper management.  Thursday’s weather thing was so ridiculous, and it will not be forgotten.  The peaks and valleys this time provides are going to drive everybody crazy.  I’ve written the season off, but if the Mets want to stay competitive, they’re going to have to put together a lengthy win streak.  At the very least, they have to beat bad teams and take this thing one series at a time.  The Brewers are Pirates are in town this week.  7 games in 7 days.  I’m still pulling for a Terry Collins replacement, but if they can win games in the meantime, I’d be all for that as well.  He’ll continue to get bailed out if deGrom and Harvey do what they did in Pittsburgh this weekend.  There’s no reason to bench a guy like Conforto right now.  He’s the best bat in the lineup day in and day out.  He’s a young guy who’s hot at the plate, a “regular day off” is not necessary.  Yet Collins feels the need to give him a day off.  Fuck you, Terry.

Until next time…

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