Weekly Mets Check In: This Is A Bad Baseball Team

Part 6:

It’s become the same story week after week.  Once they got out of that disastrous stretch where they lost like 20 in a row, it’s been the same week over and over again.  They string together wins from offense (surprisingly), the bullpens make sure the games are close, and when it comes down to put the kibosh on someone, we give the game away.  Good weeks turn into bad weeks and we forget about any good fortune.


I made my return to Citi Field for the first time since Opening Day.  With low expectations, Jacob deGrom left much to be desired.  He had a bunch of walks, going deep into every count, managed to strike out 11 and put together an okay outing.  The two highlights of the night were (first) relentlessly booing Conor Gillaspie (see: 2016 NL Wild Card game) and, secondly, Neil Walker’s walk off single in the 9th.  I said during the game that Neil was due for a big hit because he has been so bad, and he delivered in the clutch against an awful SF Giants squad.


Matt Harvey delivered an apology to the Mets team, the media, and the fans.  He was emotional as was Terry Collins in his recount, but I take no stock in anything he said.  Matt Harvey wants to be the man but, right now, he’s a bad pitcher.  And I don’t think he cares enough to right his wrongs on or off the field.  He needs to grow up and be a professional one time.

Gametime.  Zack Wheeler was very, very good for the first time.  And what I mean by that is that this is the Wheeler that we’ve been waiting 2+ years to see.  It was the first game in the last 18 games that a Mets starting pitcher held the opponent to 1 run or fewer.  Unreal.  It was a dominant Mets win behind Mets pitching holding the Giants to only 2 hits.  And the boys Conforto and TJ Rivera continue to rake.


This is where this week in Mets Land took a DARK turn.  Tommy Milone was making his Mets debut (taking Rafael Montero’s spot in the rotation thankfully) in a day game, going for the sweep.  Milone was about as good as anyone could have asked for.  He threw 5 innings, allowed 2 runs, and helped his cause with what should have been the game winning RBI.  Assisted by a Wilmer Flores error that should have been a game ending double play, Jeurys Familia was dreadful once again, this time allowing 4 runs with no signs of composure or command.  It was a blown save, a complete meltdown, and another bad loss for a team that frankly can’t afford it.  Also Kevin Plawecki came in to pinch hit late in the game when he’s batting .083.  No hypoerbole, we’re better off seeing deGrom up there swinging.  To no surprise who anyone who watches this pathetic team, the week got worse…


Off day.  It’s unfortunate that at this early juncture I enjoy off days so much.  When you’re a competitive winning team, off days are a nuisance and sometimes fuck up good momentum.  But alas, here we are searching for off days on the calendar because they can’t lose a baseball game.  Sad!  No game means a relaxing day with no stress, unless we’re talking about the New York Metropolitans…

Evidently, Jeurys Familia was so bad that the Giants spoke up and said something out of concern.  He was so off his game that they knew something was wrong.  Sure enough, the news breaks out of nowhere that he has an arterial blood clot in his right shoulder, surgery imminent.  Unfuckingbelievable.  This team cannot catch a break.  When it rains it pours as they say.  Familia has been shaky to say the least since blowing THREE saves in the 2015 World Series, but the hits keep on coming for this already decimated team.  You could make the argument that Cespedes, Syndergaard, and Familia are the 3 most pivotal puzzle pieces, and all three are out for extended periods of time.

Shout out to the Mets medical staff for recognizing that something may be wrong, especially when Familia himself brought the discomfort to attention prior to the game.  It’s laughable how inept the entire organization is at everything.  They can’t do anything right.  Their AAA-affiliate team is in Las Vegas, 2500 miles away.  The next biggest distance for another major league team is somewhere around 800 miles.  It may not sound like a big deal, but in fact it is when it takes players so long to get to New York when needed.  Everything the Mets do is ass backwards.


The return of Matt Harvey (in Milwaukee because A) he stinks and B) the Mets didn’t want to trot him out in front of a hostile crowd at home).  The former “Dark Knight” threw a ton of pitches and showed a lack of command through 5 innings.  Terry Collins sent him out there for the 6th inning, he was promptly rocked, and that was all she wrote.  One on hand I’m furious he was sent out for another inning, but there are no good options in the bullpen so does it really matter who’s out there tossing up meatballs?  The Mets bats provided a lead and Harvey, Montero (lol), and the bullpen ensured a blowout loss.


I didn’t even watch the game.  I didn’t care to spoil any part of my Saturday evening with this dumpster fire.  It didn’t cross my mind to turn it on.  I forgot the game was on until I reluctantly decided to check the score late in the game only to see another blowout.  First game all year where I didn’t watch a single pitch.  Safe to say there are no regrets.  The one takeaway is that the Mets starters have a 5.13 ERA, the worst in baseball.  Can you believe that?  A team built around power pitching has the worst set of arms in the league.


On the brink of getting swept, it worked out that the Mets had deGrom on the hill who has a career day game ERA under 2.00.  I feel like the Mets always lose a heartbreaker on Mother’s Day, but coming in they had won 4 straight unbeknownst to me.  The bats were able to knock home 7 runs and give deGrom a 7-1 lead after 5.  The deGrom that we’ve seen (before this season) would be able to shut the door and go the distance to lock up an easy win.  The 2017 Mets know no such ways.

deGrom was sent out for ONE batter in the 7th inning.  He never should have been in the game and that’s where the wheels began to fall off.  Blevins came in and got rocked.  Salas came in and got rocked.  Edgin came in and hit his first batter and was relieved by Addison Reed for a 5 out save; Addison Reed got rocked.  It was a pathetic effort all around, yet I knew it was going to happen.  When you score runs and give them back right away the next half inning, that’s a sign of a team that can’t figure it out.  The Mets can’t figure anything out.

Aside from Michael Conforto, TJ Rivera, and dare I say Jacob deGrom, the entire Mets roster consists of bums top to bottom.  There’s not one other good player on the roster.  Sandy Alderson has built a roster around power pitching and they’re all hurt or bad.  He made no bullpen acquisitions in the offseason, and when the starters come out of the game, nobody can get a guy out.  The bats are old and weak and brittle and bad, and it’s really just sad to watch.  I’m could continue to berate them but it’s already old.  The Mets are a bad baseball team, plain and simple.  Same old Mets.  Shame.

2-4 week, 16-20 overall (on pace to go 72-90), doesn’t matter, team sucks.

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