Weekly Mets Check In: Dysfunction

Part 5:

The circus continues for the New York Mess.  One week ago I declared it the end of the 2017 season, and we were only at the end of April.  On the heels of a 23-5 defeat where the Mets were “subjugated“, the news surfaced that Syndergaard had a partial tear in his lat.  It felt like rock bottom.  7 days later and not much has changed.  They were able to string some wins together this week and even hit the ball, but the disaster that the Mets are becomes more evident every single day.  But as rules go, we’ll go day by day.


After all the Thor drama subsided a little, it was time to make our first trip to Atlanta where we typically falter.  The Mets were able to band together despite a year’s worth of struggles jam packed into one month.  Michael Conforto had a big night, and Reyes stayed hot (it’s about time).  Robert Gsellman earned his first win which is key if the Mets want to stay competitive (not going to happen by the way).


Matt Harvey stunk up the joint and without the excuse that he found out about pitching three hours before game time.  He has been pedestrian to put it mildly, racking up a solid 5.14 ERA.  The Dark Knight is no more.  I’ll get back to Harvey, but the flashes we’ve seen from Harvey are more and more few and far between.  It should be mentioned that Jay Bruce continues to be the main offensive spark for the Mets offense (2 more long balls).  It should also be mentioned that the bullpen was bad again.


In a surprising no show from Jacob deGrom, the bigger surprise was that the offense bailed him out.  deGrom was not sharp, but an offensive explosion led to a 16-5 win for the Mess.  10 hits with RISP (batting .321 on the year), Conforto with three more hits, Reyes with 5 RBIs and a couple of hits, and 7 starters with 2+ hits including the pitcher.  The New York Mess tallied 16 on the board without a single home run.


The game ended up getting PPD from rain despite playing 3+ innings and the Mets having a lead at the time.  Jay Bruce’s mammoth HR does not count as the Mets secure a series win (kind of).  More importantly, we get a break from Freddy Freeman, Ender Inciarte, and Matt Fucking Kemp for a while.  Even more importantly, Zack Wheeler through about 70 pitches in 3 innings.  His control is so bad, and I am OUT on Wheeler until he proves he can show command and control on the mound.


Cinco de Mayo.  Who else better to trot out there to pitch than Rafael Montero?!  This guy stinks.  He is so bad and has no place on this roster or any roster for that matter.  It took him 90 pitches to get yanked and couldn’t get out of the 4th inning in the first of 3 games at home against the pesky Marlins.  Josh Smoker allowed 2 more runs, making that 10 in his last 4 appearances (lol).  And wouldn’t you know it?  The Mets won.  It was a miraculous comeback capped off by a 5-run 7th inning that I did not see because I stopped watching.  The bats bailed out another shitty starting pitching performance.  The offense has come together in a big way.


Another strong offensive effort in an 11-3 victory.  Obviously nobody thinks this high level of offensive support will sustain in the long run, but given how bleak it’s been, it’s nice to see the pieces come together even if only for a limited time.  Also, Asdrubal Cabrera hurt his wrist/thumb and will almost certainly find himself on the DL within 36 hours.  Go Mets.


Here we go.

Matt Harvey has been suspended for three games without pay for violating team rules.  He was scratched from Sunday’s start, Adam Wilk was inserted to take his place, and he got absolutely fucking rocked.  It’s not his fault.  He’s no good and was serving up meatballs to Giancarlo Stanton all day.  The loss falls on Matt Harvey.  It’s indirectly his fault that the Mets had ONE hit and were shut out for the first time all year.

The word as of right now is that yesterday (Saturday) morning, he played golf, and started experiencing migraine symptoms when he got back.  What happened at that point is unclear, but he did not show up to the ballpark.  The guy just no showed.  He’s a fucking asshole.  He’s a diva and a primadonna.  And the worst part of it all is that he’s not a very good pitcher right now.  You’ve got every right to walk with your nose in the air when you’re producing results on the field, but the only result he’s producing is shit.

I am so sick of this guy.  He’s been an egotistical douchebag since he first came onto the scene.  The “Dark Knight” was a few pitches away from being cemented in New York Sports immortality with his 2015 World Series Game 5 spectacle.  And since then he’s been injured and/or a complete nuisance.  I’m done with Matt Harvey.  He’s filing a grievance against the Mess in an appeal against his suspension.  What a joke.  When he begins to care about the team more than Matt Harvey, he’ll be successful.  When he cares more about baseball than golf, maybe then he’ll be successful.  But at this very moment he’s a cancer to the clubhouse, and I look forward to the day when he becomes someone else’s problem.

Harvey Day used to be a “circle on the calendar” event, even if only for a brief while.  Now Harvey Day means doomsday.  It means he’s being an asshole and making a mockery of himself and the New York Mess.  This team is in complete disarray from the owners down to the bat boys.  Matt Harvey is poison.  The dysfunction is overwhelming, and I’m sick and tired of it.  Fuck you.

The Mets are 14-16 after a 4-2 week, and I could not care less.

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