Recapping The Met Gala Wait What?

Last night was the Met Gala which is always a big deal and especially so on Twitter.  Personally I’m more equipped to comment on the fashion at the Oscar’s because the Met Gala is too far out there.  I don’t quite understand what it is, and apparently there’s a new theme every year.  But it sounds like most attendees don’t even abide by the theme, so what’s the point.  I don’t know.  I didn’t even know it was on until my Twitter feed suddenly was ridiculous outfit after ridiculous outfit and lots of fashion criticism from afar aka behind a keyboard.  I fancy myself relatively fashion forward, but this was beyond my pay grade.  What was appointment television for some (females) was more of a “sit back and watch” night for me.  And so I did.  I watched other people make fun of famous people.  Here are some high level thoughts, some fashion talk on the first Tuesday in May (Met Gala joke):

It can’t be easy being Beyonce’s sister and living in that shadow for all of eternity.  But Solange isn’t doing herself any favors looking like she rolled out of bed in a North Face.

Is this Pharrell’s girl?  She looks like a fool.  And Pharrell looks cool as hell as usual.

One of the biggest assholes on planet earth.  Jaden Smith really outdid himself CARRYING HIS OWN HAIR.  He’s just such a dick it’s hard to describe.  What a shame too because the new haircut and the rest of his outfit are fly as fuck.  Lose the dreads and it’s a huge hit all around.

What has happened to the Olsen sisters?  Yikes.  They look like they raided Mom’s closet and put on one of everything.  And they look like absolute shit.  I think they’re worth a cool billion combined, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that they look like ghosts bordering on the edge of The Grudge kid.

Love it.  Don’t know what it is, but I love it.  Rihanna steps outside daily with the full intention of taking names and kicking ass.  And also looking hot. Does she look like a bushel of grapes?  Perhaps.  But she’s making it work.

Nicki Minaj is hot.

Kendall Jenner blows Kylie Jenner out of the water, and that will never ever ever change.

This is why Gigi Hadid is #1 in the world.  I’m indifferent on the outfit mainly because I don’t care.  Everything she does she does well and by well I mean better than anyone else.

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