Buffalo Wild Wings To Raise Prices, Not Affecting Me At All


Big news coming out of the BWW world.  That is if you’re a regular joe schmo who pays full price at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Can you imagine being one of those normal folk?  I remember those days, the days of being a non-important customer at B-Dubs.  Good times except for the fact that current times are significantly better.  And that’s because I eat for free at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We’re actually in the second half of my year’s worth of free wings.  I’ve gotten my money’s worth and then some.  One night of no sleep has paid dividends tenfold.  10% price hike on wings?  Ha!  If I were an average citizen I’d be troubled by this news.  However I am, in this case, not average.  You could say above average.  I won’t say it, but you can and I won’t correct you.  I am unfazed by this economic change.  Free wings for me no matter the price.

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