As Told By Siri, The Mets Were Subjugated Today

Subjugated.  They were fucking SUBJUGATED.  Do you know what that even means?

Did you read that?!  SUBJUGATED!  Like the Gaelic population!!!

Dominated!  Controlled by conquest!  The Mets were subjugated, dominated, controlled by conquest.  Sad!  What a depressing day.  Honestly the score of the game is irrelevant although I wish it had gone differently.  The bigger picture is the ineptness from top to bottom in the Mets organization.  I don’t want to get into it right now because Siri has the final word.  When she tells you that the Mets were subjugated, it’s all over.  Can’t come back from that one.  Smart phone knows the Mets are done for.  Dumb fans do not.


h/t Evan

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