Props To The Radio Stations For NOT Killing Ed Sheeran’s Best Song

The title of this blog may be slightly misleading.  But now that you’re here I’m glad I’ve gotten your attention.  Here’s the deal.  The radio, as the radio so often does, ruined another song through overplay and overkill.  This victim this time is Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You.  Fortunately, it never was very good and I’m not sad at all to see it go.  I am doubling down on my props to the radio because they’ve barely given any shine to Ed Sheeran’s best song.  Castle On The Hill is a goddamn treasure.  I never understood the appeal of Shape Of You especially in comparison to musical genius.  But now that I see what the radio stations have done, I am forever grateful.

I am on record making this exactly claim by the way.  So if you were thinking “it’s easy to say that now!” you can go kick rocks.

Castle On The Hill will forever remain phenomenal and Shape Of You is tiresome.  Castle On The Hill is good.  Shape Of You is bad.  I’ve always thought the radio chose the bad one because whenever I hear the good one, I get lost in the music and lose control of the car.  Shout out to the fine disc jockeys in the Metropolitan Area for endorsing safe driving.  Now I’m starting to think they knew which song was the better of the two all along and that they felt it was best to force the inferior down our throats until it became unanimously despised.  The radio is notorious for repeating the same 8-10 songs on a loop for months at a time, but they finally got one right.  I don’t know, man.  This is just how my dumb brain works.

Fun fact they actually repeat the songs to highlight the songs that are not in the standard rotation of music.  We’re trained to expect the same x amount of songs, triggering a unique visceral reaction when met with an irregular music selection.  I just dropped some real knowledge on your ass.  No thanks necessary.

PS – Dive bangs as well and will always bang.

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