Weekly Mets Check In: A Bad, Bad, Bad Week

Part 3:

Last week I was saying how important last Monday’s off day was.  I sit here today humbled.  Today’s off day is far and away more important.  The Mets went 1-5 this week, losers of 8 of 9, and sitting in their own filth at 8-11 overall.  Let’s take a quick look back at a horrible week that I hope we can look back on and laugh at in October.


Which storyline should we make the headline?  Late bullpen collapse? Letting the Phillies score 4 runs in the 10th inning?  The Mets mustering up a grand total of four hits and zero after the 4th inning?  Rafael Montero proving once again that he’s not a major league talent?  Jose Reyes on the brink of unemployment after dropping a routine pop up and blowing the game?  Any of those will do.


Thank god for Jay Bruce.  I never thought I’d ever say those words in sequence.  Two big home runs in a come from behind win against the Phillies.  The bullpen, again, was less than sharp, and had the opponent been anyone but Philly, the result likely would have been different.  We saw good stuff from Robert Gsellman aka Bobby G but it wouldn’t be the Mets without some bad news.  Dude left the game with a hyperextended elbow, and the always-injured Travis d’Arnaud hurt his wrist and left the game. Even when we win, we lose.  Good times.


Ugly game.  The fielding was sloppy.  Fernando Salas looks overworked and is surely turning into last year’s Jim Henderson.  It’s only a matter of time before he’s shut down indefinitely.  Jeurys Familias returned to the mound after his suspension and did not look good.  He threw 30 pitches and was visibly rusty.  Oh and Cespedes got hurt and left the game with a “hamstring cramp”.  Needless to say, he hasn’t played since.  Despite losing the game and the series to the Phillies, Syndergaard looked dominant at times and has racked up 40 (forty!) strikeouts and ZERO walks through his first 4 starts.


Friday was a complete disaster before the game even started.  The news surfaced that TJ Rivera was in the clubhouse, alluding that someone was headed for the Disabled List.  “Someone” ended up being both Lucas Duda and Wilmer Flores who has some freaky knee infection (classic Mets). d’Arnaud was announced basically unavailable with his wrist injury. Asdrubal Cabrera was banged up and would not play.  Yoenis would sit as well.  Jacob deGrom was scratched for a stiff neck.  All of this in time for the red hot division for Washington Nationals coming to town.

As we’ve seen before, the Mets came from behind not once but twice in this game and had a real chance to win in the 9th.  Unfortunately, when you have Gsellman on 3rd, Plawecki on 2nd, and Lagares batting, the odds aren’t exactly in your favor.  That’s what happens when everyone’s hurt/dead.  Fans had to endure another extra inning game.  Terry Collins stinks at his job and elected to use Familia (mid-inning) after 30 pitches and a lack of control the night before.  It was never a matter of if they’d lose this game but rather how and when.  The Mets lost.


Overall a pathetic effort from a weak, banged up lineup.  No hit through 5 innings, finished the game with only 2 hits.  For the second straight game, deGrom struck out 10+.  His performance was irrelevant with a major lack of run support.  Losers of 7 of 8, key word being losers.


Similar to Friday, the Mets had no chance in this game before it even started.  Max Scherzer is basically a coin flip to throw a no hitter against the Mets on any given day.  Sworn enemy and Met-killer Daniel Murphy delivered the finishing blow with a first inning grand slam.  Fuck that guy.

This past week was about as bad as it can get.  The only positives we have to hang our hats on are that the starting pitching has been good, they’ve been “in” every game (hardly a positive), and the lineup is bad.  If the Mets were at full strength and losing games like this it would be far worse.  But I won’t make any excuses for what is, at this point, a bad baseball team.  It’s the same lineup as last season.  They rely on the home run and are boom or bust.  No adjustments were made to a lineup that often showed times of dire struggle offensively.  The Mets got swept and are showing glaring of turmoil.  Still very early but times are bad in Flushing.

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