Sports Call Of The Year: Messi’s 500th/Game Winner

It’s hardly a coincidence that Messi’s game winner in El Clasico was also his 500th goal with Barcelona.  The stars seem to always align for the all time greats, don’t they?  The goal was amazing.  The moment was incredible.  And it was a helluva game between two of the world’s best.  But all of that takes a backseat to the call.  We’re less than a third through 2017 and I feel confident announcing this as THE call of the year.

Normally I’d be highly suspicious that this was scripted or pre meditated but I’m gonna choose to not be cynic here.  When both announcers erupt in a full SCREAM, you know it’s legit.  That’s raw emotion that can never be planned.  Those screams will never come out their mouths again.  It was a once in a lifetime I don’t know how to react other than yelling at the top of my lungs moment.

“And sinks his flaming spear through the hearts of Real Madrid”.  You can’t top that line if you tried.  Not without an Irish accent at least.  High stakes footie, world class goal with no time left from the world’s greatest, and commentary that topped it all.  That’s the serendipity that only sports can provide.

PS – After this clip they cut to a commercial.  But not before the same color commentator left us with another gem.  In that same animation, with the same accent, he described the moment as “a goal that’ll give Barcelona fans an arousal for more than four minutes, so you better call your physician”.  Magic.

PS2 – Oddly enough last year’s call of the year was almost the same day.  Irish accent too.  Sports, man.

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