Why Doesn’t The Empire State Building Show Any Allegiance To New York?

Did anyone see this bullshit stunt the Empire State Building pulled earlier this week?  They literally displayed lights for ALL 30 BASEBALL TEAMS throughout the night.  What the fuck, New York?  Do the Mets and Yankees mean nothing?  Does loyalty mean nothing to you?  Have you no integrity?  See for yourself….

Get the point yet?  No?  It gets worse…

I’m surprised they even got around to lighting up for the hometown Mets and Yankees.  Jesus Christ.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such blatant disrespect.  Themed lights have their place given the right circumstance, but there is NEVER a scenario that should allow for the Philadelphia Phillies to have their team’s colors displayed brightly on New York’s biggest landmark.  Since when do rivalries mean absolutely nothing?  I guarantee Boston isn’t projecting the Yankees logo into the night sky for all to see. What a fucking joke.  The Empire State Building should be ashamed.  New York City should be embarrassed.  Mayor DiBlasio can go kick rocks all the way to one of our rivals’ cities.  Whoever is in charge over at ESB has some serious explaining to do.  A public apology would be a decent start, but I wouldn’t oppose complete exile.  New York can’t be taken seriously with moves like this.  It goes way beyond a baseball rivalry.  Perhaps ESB isn’t privy to the East Coast vs. West Coast battle.  It’s evident that they’re not aware of Biggie and Tupac.

This is a matter of home turf and security.  Now that we’ve let our enemies in, we’ve lost control.  Sad day for New Yorkers.  This is equivalent to North Korea having our nuclear codes.  Fuck Philadelphia.

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