Gronk Busts In On Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing

“Gronk being Gronk.”

“It’s Gronk’s world, we’re just living in it.”

The headlines were written in stone a long, long time ago, but they really are true.  It’s another page in a seemingly and thankfully never ending memoir.  This may be Gronk’s best work yet.  Pulling pranks and making “69” jokes never get old, I know Gronk himself would agree, but cutting in on Sean Spicer’s press briefing at the White House is on another level of Gronkness.  There’s nothing this guy can’t do.  He’s unanimously loved across the globe and won’t get in trouble for any of these wisecracks.  He’s the best of the best, no other way to phrase it.
I don’t know what kinds of questions Spicer was fielding when Gronk busted in, but I have to imagine it was a relief for Spicer.  He’s been under heat over the last few weeks, and the haters are anxiously awaiting for any minor slip up to crush Spicer for.  A break in the action in the form of a Rob Gronkowski interruption is a massive win for Spicer’s presser and a massive win for Gronk’s image.  Not that Gronk needed more good press (BOOM nailed that pun), but Gronk simply can’t help himself.  No rules at the White House for Gronk, or anywhere for that matter.

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