Weekly Mets Check In: I Hate The Miami Marlins

Part 2:
It was the tale of two very different series.  We beat the shit out of the lowlife Phillies as we always do.  It’s a great pleasure playing their ballpark, so we thank them for their hospitality.  Seriously I can’t say it enough.  It’s so so nice hitting a thousand home runs in that bandbox of a ballpark.  The Mets made quick work of the Phillies in a three game sweep, including late inning heroics on Monday and Zack Wheeler’s first win in over 2 years on Wednesday.  I highly look forward to our next meeting with the Phillies.
Thursday’s game lasted 16 innings, and in a game where the Mets almost always seem to lose they found a way to scratch out a win on the heels of a Travis d’Arnaud solo shot.  I bet he was as surprised as I was that he had the big hit.  We were on the verge of seeing position players on the pitcher’s mound, one of the best and unappreciated obscure moments in sports.  That would have been the only thing to trump actually winning the game.  Friday’s walk off loss can be partly attributed to tired arms out of the pen from the 16 inning affair the night prior.  But it still hurt like hell.
And then Saturday came along and kicked us all in our dicks.  Down early, the Mets took a late lead only to relinquish it on back-to-back BOMBS.  Easter Sunday couldn’t possibly be worse, could it?  Of course it could.  The Mets had ZERO hits through 7 innings.  They were able to string some hits together, tie the game in the 9th, and save the game in the bottom of the inning on an incredible relay throw.  And then some no name rookie hit a walk off homer the next at bat.  Classic Mets.  I fucking hate the Miami Marlins.  They’ve always been a problem and are going to continue that trend throughout 2017 without fail.  Fuck them.  Also Marcel Ozuna is quickly ascending into Pat Burrell and Chipper Jones territory in terms of Met killers, holy moly.
Jose Reyes is so bad right now and at this moment it doesn’t appear that there’s an end in sight for his struggles.  If he keeps this up he’ll find himself out of a job.  He’s making the league minimum, and the Mets have no financial obligation to put up with his ineptness at the plate.  Michael Conforto looks fantastic at the plate and will surely earn more playing time if that continues.  Cespedes has been crushing and is so fun to watch; he’s hands down the best player the Mets have had since Mike Piazza.  Starting pitching has been very good – the Mets somehow lost three straight with Thor, deGrom, and Harvey on the mound, but all of them looked strong.  In 9 combined starts, they’ve struck out 57 and walked only 6.  The three of them alone (and individually), when healthy, give the New York Mets a fighting chance against anyone.
We saw some great things from the Mets over the last week despite the gut-wrenching losses.  At the forefront was the ability to show resilience and come from behind, which is often the difference between a good team and a legitimate contender.  The bullpen is undeniably an issue, but Jeurys Familia will soon be back to solidify the back end.  Addison Reed will surely slide back into that ever-important 8th inning slot, taking some of the workload off of Jerry Blevins, Fernando Salas, etc.  It’ll still be a bumpy ride every time we turn to the bullpen, but Familia will be a huge help.
4-3 this past week and 7-6 overall.  MUCH NEEDED day off today.  LGM.

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