In My Opinion Aaron Hernandez Would Have Been Better Off Being Convicted Of Double Murder On Friday

Friday afternoon Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty on both counts of murder.  Evidently this was the expected verdict according to legal analysts according to my one google search.  Easy to say you knew this was coming after the fact, but at the same time it actually does make perfect sense.  The only eye witness to this double murder was also murdered; remember that Aaron Hernandez is already serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd.  Which brings me to my point.  I believe that Aaron Hernandez would have been better off being convicted of these two murders in addition to the one he was already convicted of.
It’s almost unanimously believed that Hernandez did in fact kill Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu (journalistic research) that night outside of the Boston nightclub.  The only people who feel otherwise are the same people that believe Casey Anthony’s lies.  They both had the same lawyer by the way.  Crazy.  Obviously there was enough evidence (or lack there of) to acquit Hernandez on these two murder cases.  He was visibly emotional as the verdicts were being read which was confusing to me.  The guy’s a bonafide killer so to see him so vulnerable and emotional was strange.  Could be a sociopathic thing, but I can’t say for sure based on my average knowledge of Law & Order SVU cases.
I am not at all privy to the details of his first murder conviction.  I don’t think he has a parole date, and I’m not sure of the opportunity for appeal.  But let’s say for argument’s sake that there is no chance for parole or appeal.  That would mean that Aaron Hernandez is a serving one life sentence and is labeled as a murderer.  Due to that, wouldn’t he want to have these life sentences tacked on also?  May as well hit the trifecta and earn some more clout in jail.  I’ve never been to jail but I have to imagine people view you and respect you on profoundly different levels when you’re a one time murderer versus a three time murderer.  Obviously that’s an irrational and unintelligent take, but what’s two more life sentences if you’re already serving one?  The world knows you killed one guy, does it really matter if they know you killed two more also?  Is he viewed as any nicer of a guy because he may have only killed one?  He definitely killed that one, that’s not up for debate.  Nobody is going to pin him as a stand up citizen ever again, doesn’t matter how high is body count is.
What a rollercoaster of emotions it must be to hear that you’re not guilty of two murders and then coming back down to earth when you remember you totally killed that other dude and everyone knows it and you’re spending the rest of your life behind bars because of it.  Whoopsies.  Classic mixup.

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