Baseball Day Games Are Better Than Night Games

First order of business:  I have major writer’s block so this will most likely be far from my best composition.  However it’s a topic I wanted to touch on, and I want to get content out as regularly as possible.  You, the readers, have lost your write to put me down for this individual piece due to my preemptive admission of lackluster blogging.
Thank you for understanding.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll be better than I anticipated.
I’d bet this is not unpopular amongst baseball fans.  Day games are better than night games, the main reason being because the ratio is heavily skewed towards the prototypical 7:10 PM start time.  Simply put, day games don’t come around all that often, so the change of pace is welcomed with open arms.  There’s something unappreciated about playing baseball under the bright sun which is strange because I associate baseball with warm weather, summertime, drinking beers outside, etc.  There’s an inherent association of warm weather and sunshine with baseball, yet when I look at the schedule, anything other than 7:10 PM raises an eyebrow, or in my case two eyebrows because I can’t do that Rock eyebrow bit.  Not that it’s not nice out during those July nights, but there’s a different vibe for a 1:10 PM first pitch.
The night game is moreorless the end of the day for the average baseball fan I’d have to say with absolutely no facts to support that claim; not even one fact or a minute of research to back me up.  With games lasting 3+ hours, there’s only so much one can accomplish after the final out, assuming they work standard 9-5ish hours.  Day games, however, evoke all kinds of good energy and allow for an entire evening plus more after the game.  It breaks up the day into two parts:  leading up to first pitch and the rest of my day.  Sunday day games are the standard, but a random Wednesday or Thursday day game not only breaks up the day but the week as well.  Sometimes a day game is the only remedy for the 9-5 office blues.  Working like a dog everyday with no baseball to watch until you get home.  Enter: day games.
The only downside to day games is the empty feeling that sets in around 6:30-7PM, ESPECIALLY after taking care of business in the matinee.  There’s nothing I want more after a 1:10 victory than to wax that ass once again in the night slate.
PS – Initial thoughts on this blog is that it came together much better than expected.  I think it flows well and drives my points home without belaboring or excessive detail.

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