Weekly Mets Check In: Opening Week

Hello, readers.  This is the first of 25+ (hopefully more) Mets recap blogs. For the amount of time allotted in my life towards the New York Mets, I rarely write about them.  If the Mets don’t interest you, I ask that you continue reading with an open mind.  If baseball disinterests you, I ask that you continue reading with an open mind.  If you hate me, my writing, and everything I stand for, I thank you sincerely for reading up to this point.  And I ask that you continue reading with an open mind.  Once a week on Mondays (tentatively) I’ll recap the latest week in Mets Land.  Is the sky falling (probably)?  Who’s hurt and what misdiagnosis did Ray Ramirez and his army of incompetent trainers make?  Who’s hot and who needs to be benched?  Where are they in the standings?  It’s all going down here from a very biased and jaded perspective.

As of today, Tuesday April 11, 2017, the New York Mets have gotten off to a 4-3 start to their season.  The Mets were victorious on Opening Day as they so often are and continued to take control of the opening series against the Braves, winning 2 out of 3.  The pesky Marlins took 2 out of 3 from us as they continued to be a thorn in the Mets side, a popular trend over the last few years.  They had their fair share of ups and downs, but I’ve kept my emotions in check for the most part given the small sample size.  If I allow myself to get worked up over bullpen problems in game 2, a long summer awaits, even if it did make me slightly suicidal.  With that said, when those struggles inevitable continue, I will continue to eviscerate each and every wrongdoer without hesitation.

Because this first installment is a day later than I would have liked, it’s only fair to credit the Mets for a gutsy come from behind win last night against the pathetic Phillies.  Jacob DeGrom was able to push through 6 innings where he clearly didn’t have his best stuff, something we’ve become accustomed to; you can argue that DeGrom is best when he doesn’t have his command, it’s remarkable.  But DeGrom has been solid to say the least through 2 starts and has the potential to be the best of the bunch moving forward.  Which brings me to Noah Syndergaard aka Thor.  16 strikeouts and no walks in 2 starts, should be 2-game winner.  He’s got a new boo which seems to be working wonders for him on the mound, and he stole the Phillie Phanatic’s four wheeler.  I will pray daily that he keeps this up on all fronts.

Rounding out the pitching staff, we saw Matt Harvey pitch well and Zack Wheeler pitch.  Wheeler did not pitch well, but he pitched in a major league game for the first time since 2014.  It’ll be a work in progress to get him back to form, hopefully sooner rather than later, but seeing him out there is enough for now.  Matz and Lugo have essentially no timetable to return, so Gsellman will be tasked with pitching as he did in 2016.

The bats have been relatively quiet, which is unfortunately nothing new for the Mets.  I can say that because the team is virtually the same top to bottom as it was last season, and they suffered through some historically bad stretches offensively.  The “live and die by the long ball” mantra is going to get really old really fast, and the bats need to start coming around. Jose Reyes looks about as bad as anyone can look at the plate.  He looks completely lost, swinging at pitches out of the zone, taking pitches down the pipe, and is 1-27 to show for it.  It wouldn’t kill TC to bench his ass for a game or 2, and it wouldn’t hurt Jose to try laying down a bunt to break this cold streak.  Asdrubal has been fine, and Neil Walker has done next to nothing up to this point.  Lucas Duda also hasn’t shown much promise, but it’s still obviously too early to overreact about anything.

Aside from one meaningless HR in a blowout, Yoenis Cespedes has done nothing offensively, and the aging Curtis Granderson has shown just how old he is through 7 seven games (reminder he’s 36).  Jay Bruce has been the one shining star with FOUR dingers including two last night, one of which the difference maker in the ballgame.  For as bad as he was when he first put on his Mets jersey, Bruce has been that good as of April 11th.  If he can be half of what he was in a Reds jersey, the combination of Yo and Bruce back-to-back in the lineup can be superrrr dangerous.  Quick note about the catchers:  Travis d’Arnaud stinks and Rene Rivera should be the everyday catcher.

The first 7 games and the next 25 are all against NL east rivals, so the Mets can really put themselves in a good position through the first month with some adjustments.  LGM and fuck Daniel Murphy.  Also, Bartolo’s standing ovation on Opening Day was nothing short of poetic.

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