Rutgers Dining Program Going Healthy, Eliminating Chicken Nuggets…Sad!

NJ:  In a makeover of its dining hall menus, Rutgers University plans to eliminate chicken nuggets, hash browns and other unhealthy foods from its takeout section and incorporate more nutritious options in the all-you-can-eat cafeterias. By the end of the fall semester, Rutgers expects chicken wings will be baked instead of fried, hot sauce from the jar will be replaced with fresh spices, and processed meats will be traded for poached salmon or turkey roasted and smoked by university chefs, among other changes. …
For Rutgers students, that means takeout chicken fingers will be replaced with grilled chicken, and hash browns will swapped out for Peruvian hash made from heirloom potatoes, spinach and roasted onions. Instead of pork sausage, Rutgers will serve smoked chicken sausage with spinach on a whole grain English muffin. A new bagel bar will feature a vegetable cream cheese mixed at Rutgers and loaded with broccoli, squash and scallions. …

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I speak on behalf of all Rutgers students past, present, and future when I say that y’all have crossed the line, Rutgers.  Every time I take pen to paper in regard to Rutgers, I feel the need to recap some of the highlights/lowlights we’ve been through over the years.  And then I add the new topic to the list.  Today (well technically as of last week), I add yet another chapter to the Rutgers saga.  You could make the argument that of all the bad press RU has earned, this may be the most egregious.  I mean throwing basketballs is one thing.  Paying Snooki $30K to speak is one thing.  Succumbing to the brushback of a handful of self entitled people and rescinding Condoleezza Rice’s commencement address (still salty about this one) is one thing.  The removal of chicken nuggets is too far.
America has been entrenched in a health craze for the last decade or so.  Personally I’m sick of it.  Sure I abide by a strict low-carb diet Monday morning-midday Friday, but that’s only to maintain my Greek god sculpted physique.  But this whole “green” movement makes me want the puke all over myself.  You know the best way to get people to eat healthy?  Let them figure it out for themselves.  Provide endless options to all and when they get fat and ugly and sick maybe they’ll eventually encounter a wakeup call and make changes to their gross and depressing lives.
Taking chicken nuggets away from people is NOT the answer.  What the fuck, Rutgers?  One of the most diverse universities in the nation, and you want to completely ban a major food group that unites people of all races, religions, and sexual orientations?  Not cool.  Eating like a fat ass and later feeling like a big bag of shit without a future is an integral component of the college experience.  If you’ve never slept until noon after a night of bad decisions and alcoholic beverages only to then barely muster up the courage and strength to crawl to the dining hall to temporarily numb the pain with a plate of chicken nuggets, then you are not an adult.  That’s what life is about.  That’s what the path to adulthood is about.  And Rutgers has taken that luxury away.
The students ought to riot and burn down the Financial Aid Office until the nuggies are back to stay.  Rutgers, you need to be better than this.  It’s not easy to run a college I bet, but this is sad.  Sad!




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