Citi Field Food Review: Fuku Spicy Chicken and Arancini Bros Rice Balls

In case you’ve been living under a rock, baseball season is back.  That means we’ve got 6+ months of baseball every single day minus that one weird day after the All Star Game where there’s literally no sports on television.  You could make the argument that the start of baseball season is more exciting than football season.  It’s longer, it’s daily, and the food at the games are better.  Which takes us back to Monday at Citi Field where the Mets continued their annual tradition of spankin that ass on Opening Day.

I too continued a tradition of indulging in some of Citi Field’s finest foods.  The lines were longer than usual but that wasn’t unexpected giving the sold out crowd of 44k+.  My plan was to get something quickly before the lines became too ridiculous and then hopefully snag something new during the game.  The final decisions would have to be made spontaneously based on line volume, sudden craving, etc.

My first stop was the renowned Fuku for their famous Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  I’ve had it before, and I’ll have it again because it’s that good.  I said in my What To Eat At Citi Field In 2017 blog that this sandwich may be the single best item in the entire stadium.  Monday further validated that.  The sandwich consists of a hefty piece of fried chicken thigh on a soft potato bun with pickles underneath the chicken.  I love pickles but usually prefer them on the side of almost any sandwich.  Fuku’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is an exception to the rule because it’s that delicious.  The woman at the counter asked if I wanted spicy sauce or ranch.  Obviously, I said “yes please”.  Drizzle a little of both on the chicken and prepare for take off to another dimension of culinary pleasure.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.  This sandwich is a MUST HAVE.

Second course was much more difficult.  I thought about getting pizza.  Part of me wanted to default to a classic Hot Dog with mustard (spicy brown mustard or no mustard at all thank you very much.  I also wanted cotton candy because it’s delicious.  The ultimate decision was taken out of my hands as a member of my army, aka my father, took the initiative to do so.  Arancini Bro’s Stuffed Rice Balls was the winner, and I was not left disappointed.  They have a wide array of choices (ex. Nutella), and I was lucky enough to sample the Buffalo Chicken, Pesto, and Pizza stuffed rice balls.  Each one was delightful in its own way, with the Buff Chick taking the cake to no surprise.

Overall it was a highly successful afternoon at Citi Field.  The Mets did not disappoint, and neither did the food.  Looking forward to my next trip to the ballpark so we can do this dance again with some other snacks.  Fuck yeah.

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