Hilariously Dumb Moment On Wheel Of Fortune Last Night

What a moment we had last night on Wheel of Fortune.  The only thing WoF has to hang its hat on at this point is that it’s on after Jeopardy.  I would imagine the viewership drops off extraordinarily after 7:35 PM, when the people who are watching realize that they’re tuning into a ridiculously bad television show.  Jeopardy puts asses in the seats.  Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Wheel of Fortune only get eyes on them because of their TV time slot, and that’s a fact.  Another fact is that they bring in the dumbest of the dumbest people.  Last night was a perfect example.

It’s Duo Night on the Wheel of Fortune, which makes no sense because one brain will always be superior to the other and that person is going to take control of every situation.  My man on the far left fell victim to his wife’s stupidity, and now they’re both the laughingstock of the world (for today at least).  The category: LIVING THINGS.  Considering the vagueness of some of the categories, this one should be easy.  And this lady spits out her answer:  POPSICLE BIKE.  SHE SAID POPSICLE BIKE.


Holy shit this was funny.  My dad and I were howling at the television.  We went back to watch it 4 more times, and I’ve since watched the clip 100 times.  Not only is a Popsicle Bike not a living thing, but it’s NOT A THING AT ALL.  What the fuck is a popsicle bike?  She answered with such confidence and conviction.  She thought she nailed it too, you know that.  She was ready to nudge her hubby and be like “how do you like THAT one, honey?!”  Also there’s no E-Y in “popsicle” and definitely not in the middle of the word.  Popsicle bike is not even CLOSE.  It’s a made up pairing of nouns.  Man oh man I can go on forever about this, but the clip speaks for itself.  The lack of awareness and lack of intelligence are astounding.  Pat Sajak’s “no?” was hysterical.  Even he didn’t know how to react and he’s seen it all.

This lady was dumb as rocks start to finish.  By the way, her and her husband were the big winners and walked away with about 25 grand.  In the last puzzle, they give you the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E.  You then get the choice of 3 other consonants and one other vowel.  This lady asked (again) for the letter T.  Already given to ya, toots.  Pick again.  Laugh out loud funny moment.  POPSICLE BIKE!  Let’s see how Twitter took to it:

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