United Airlines Bans Women From Wearing Leggings On Flights (Kind Of)

NBC News: United Airlines faced backlash from customers Sunday after two girls wearing leggings were denied entry onto a flight because a gate agent deemed their attire improper. …
A spokesman for United Airlines, Jonathan Guerin, told NBC News that the women included two teens. The two women denied entry were flying as “pass travelers,” meaning they were relatives or friends of a United Airlines employee. …
Defending the decision on Twitter, United Airlines initially cited a rule in the company’s Contract of Carriage, which states that the company can refuse transportation to “passengers who are barefoot or not properly clothed” and that it is “left to the discretion of the agents.” In its contract, however, the airline doesn’t define “proper clothing.”
“United shall have the right to refuse passengers who are not properly clothed via our Contract of Carriage,” the company said in a tweet.
Guerin called the gate agent’s actions appropriate and said that because the women were flying as “pass riders,” their attire didn’t meet the airline’s stricter requirements for such travelers. Had the women been regular passengers, he said, they would have been permitted to wear yoga pants and leggings. …

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Man oh man this is quite the dilemma for me.  So much so that I find myself unable to take a definitive stance on this.  On one hand, I love leggings and feel that they are one of the greatest trends of all time.  From what I know about females (very little), they universally love leggings.  I too love them but for different reasons obviously.  But my point is that I believe that women love leggings more than men do.  As strongly in favor of them as I am, I can sit here accepting that my fondness ranks second.  I believe that the more prevalent leggings are, the happier I will be.
However, this seems to be a case of not following the rules which I am very much against.  I did one google search’s worth of research on this story so forgive me if my analysis is inaccurate (this preface allows me to say anything I want now).  It sounds like United Airlines has not necessarily banned leggings on their flights.  But rather “pass travelers” are held to a particular standard and that standard was not met in this instance.  As a “guest” of an airline employee, you’re acting on their behalf, and your impression falls on that person’s shoulders.  If you’re a guest anywhere you should act accordingly and be on your best behavior.  If that means dressing the part, so be it.
Back to my pro-leggings stance, it does seem harsh to crack down specifically on leggings.  Of all the things to be wary of when it comes to flying on an aircraft, leggings don’t appear to be high priority.  Leggings are the renowned go-to flying outfit for chicks as far as I’m concerned.  I’m more inclined to suggest that we ban fat people from flying, rather than anyone in legging attire.  Does that go for men as well?   If I wore a pair of leggings how would the airline react?  They look super comfy and I have no thigh gap (sup?).  Fuck outta here with your thigh gaps.
And now back to my pro-United Airlines POV.  I’m very much for dressing up nicely for flights.  We’ve gotten lazy as a society.  The “homeless chic/Kanye” look is very in.  Joggers are very in.  Leggings are very in.  You know what used to be very in?  Three-piece suits.  Business casual.  Formal wear.  We should get back to those times, the times where it was an unspoken competition to try to out dress one another.  That’s still true today but in a very different way.  Admittedly I am the owner of a long sleeve shirt with holes in it, and I think it’s dope.  But if we can collectively transition to an era where everyone looks forward to looking dapper, I think we’d be happier as a society.





2 thoughts on “United Airlines Bans Women From Wearing Leggings On Flights (Kind Of)

  1. Now that’s a great article middle hammer Ronda and I discussed this the other day I feel united was wrong and she thinks they were right. Wow which one is from mars or Venus in our relationship. Hope you are well.


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