Phil Jackson Is An Asshole

No body necessary in this blog.  The title says it all.  Phil Jackson is an asshole.  He has no clue what he’s doing as President of the Knicks, not that that’s a new discovery, but Friday night was the tipping point for me.  The Knicks season is already in the toilet, and they’re well into their tank mode heading into arguably the most highly anticipated draft of the decade.  Friday’s game in Portland was meaningless.  The Knicks were better off losing, and they did exactly that.  Phil Jackson was not in attendance at the Knicks game as there was no reason for him to be there.  There was an event way more important than the Knicks-Blazers game.

The UCLA/Kentucky game may not have been as good as advertised, but it was loaded with talent.  Between Lonzo Ball, Malik Monk, and DeAaron Fox (amongst others), that’s three potential lottery picks in the upcoming draft.  The Knicks are going to have an early pick, and frankly, they can’t afford to fuck this one up.  So it would only make sense for Phil to scout the game in Memphis on Friday night, for the sake of the future of the Knicks.  Phil Jackson was not at the UCLA/Kentucky game.

If he’s not watching his team, and he’s not scouting for his team, where in the world could Phil Jackson have been?  Phil Jackson was in Los Angeles for the unveiling of Shaq’s statue.  What a goddamn asshole.  I understand his relationship and history with Shaq and the Lakers.  I have no problem with him being there over watching the godforsaken Knicks.  But when there’s a MAJOR scouting opportunity, the statue unveiling is not a priority.

Ever hear of a guy named Magic Johnson?  He’s the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers.  And he skipped the statue ceremony to scout the Elite 8 game.  It’s his basketball team and he had the mental capacity to understand that scouting trumps statues.  The statue will be there tomorrow, it will be there next week, and it will be there forever.  Opportunities to scout and draft franchise players are few and far between.

Phil is so out of touch, it’s astounding.  He’s in way over his head with this Exec thing.  The triangle is not working with this Knicks team.  Porzingis has plateaued in his sophomore season.  The team stinks and so does upper management.  It’s time for Phil to take his 11 rings and disappear.  His legacy as an incompetent general manager won’t hold a candle to what he did as a head coach.  It’s time to quit now before it goes from bad to worse.  Phil Jackson can go fuck himself with a Magic Johnson AIDS dick.


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