Official BEC Review: Green Cafe

LocationGreen Cafe, New York, NY (W 58th and Madison)


Normally I elect for the deli on W 59th, my most visited spot based on proximity to my office.  Their lunch options are pretty good, but their breakfast sandwich was underwhelming.  I decided to change it up and stop in at Green Cafe on W 58th, not to be mistaken with W 59th.  It’s a much smaller place, which I believe to be a good thing.

The sandwich was delicious and exactly what I needed on a Friday morning after 4/5 of a week on the grind working for the man.  I earned it, or at least I convinced myself that I had.  This is one of those places with a super small grill but they’re gonna try to bang out as many orders at once as they can.  Normally I’d expect quality and care to be sacrificed, but it worked out well.

My biggest complain about the sandwich is that it was not huge by any means.  It was satisfying and did the job 100%, but a third egg or some more bacon would have added to this BEC.  The eggs weren’t runny but they were fried (instead of omelette style).  The cheese was melted to perfection (peep the stretch in the picture).  The bacon was crispy and delicious, and without that you automatically have a lackluster breakfast sammy.  When ordering eggs and such on a bagel, you have to be confident in said bagel.  There are a lot of posers out there with shitty, mass produced bagels, so beware.  But Green Cafe served up a pretty decent everything bagel.

Official Score: 7.5 out of 10


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