This Website Has A New Face has gotten a recent face lift.  It’s 2017, folks.  There’s nothing wrong with some plastic surgery in this superficial world that we call life.  The old theme quickly became exactly that, old.  It was clean and organized, something I refuse to compromise on as time goes on.  However it lacked in color and pizzazz.  And ultimately, it wasn’t an eye catcher.  That has since changed with this new layout.  If you went to two weeks ago, you’d have to scroll down continuously to find what you were looking for.  NOW, you can see a selection of recent blogs on the homepage, each with a corresponding picture as a backdrop.  I have combined pictures with words, a revolutionary alteration.

If you scroll down (or to the right), you can go back further to access older blogs.  And the rollover images on the homepage even show the publishing dates.  That’s organization at its finest.  Click on the menu bar in the top right corner to access blogs by category (WHOA BABY!).

Choose from any of the four main categories that I write about.

We have upgraded tremendously and have entered exciting times in the web management game.  Click the FOLLOW button and get emails whenever a new blog is published.  Leave comments so we can engage.  Share the blogs on social media if you love anything I wrote.  It’s highly interactive now, and isn’t that just beautiful?


Recent Blogs:

A Chaotic Weekend Of Basketball Means I Don’t Have To Feel Bad About My Bracket

What To Eat At Citi Field In 2017

Select Applebees Locations To Accept Random Gift Cards As Payment

Happy Best Day Of The Year Eve

Twitter Moments: Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland A’s



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