A Chaotic Weekend Of Basketball Means I Don’t Have To Feel Bad About My Bracket

My bracket is basically all red.  Your bracket is basically all red.  And that’s the beauty of it.  If everyone’s bracket is busted, then don’t have to harp on the first round games Imissed.  Nobody needs to know that put Florida Gulf Coast and Winthrop in the Sweet 16 because you probably picked Duke to win it all.  It’s irrelevant that didn’t think South Carolina had a chance in the first round against Marquette because you had Nova in the Final 4.  My Louisville Final 4 pick is no different than your Notre Dame pick.  Just because I thought Michigan’s hot streak would come to an end against Oklahoma State, that doesn’t give you the right to put me down because you thought you had everyone beat by predicting Wichita State over Kentucky.  It’s beautiful.  It’s a mess on paper, but it’s poetry.

If you made it out of the first weekend alive, be thankful.  If not, no worries because it appears that most people have already taken their brackets to the shredder this morning at the office.  I don’t have to wallow in the embarrassment that is my bracket because this entire weekend (Saturday+Sunday specifically) was a shit show.  Thursday’s games were primarily all favorites winning without agita.  Yesterday’s games were all down to the wire and shocking for most.  My bracket had red all over it after one day.  But when the weekend comes to an end, we’re all one in the same.  Your shitty bracket is no worse than my shitty bracket.  And my shitty bracket is no worse than yours.  We all suck TOGETHER.  And that’s what March Madness is all about.


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