Twitter Moments: Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland A’s


Before I dive in, here’s the timeline of tweets between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s.


That’s the gist of it.  As of this afternoon, this was the last word.  The Mariners put out a harmless off-season tweet, trying to hype up fans about the only thing they’ve been able to rally around over the last few years.  Felix Hernandez is the only bright spot the Mariners have had for a long time.  He’s fantastic, one of the game’s best, but the team generally stinks.

Spring training is the time where the baseball Twitter accounts start ramping up their volume again in anticipation for Opening Day.  That means harmless tweets and gimmicks for fans (i.e. original Mariners tweet).  That also opens up the possibility of teams poking fun at one another; basic gamesmanship and division rivalry stuff.  Nothing stirs the pot like making sure your adversary knows they haven’t accomplished anything.  NOTHING.  The Mariners had to respond somehow because, in simple terms, you can’t take that blow laying down without a rebuttal.

Strike out GIF was ehhhh, but how else are they supposed to respond?  Maybe a “Fuck you” but that often results in PR disasters based on my experience using what we call the “internet”.  The A’s issued a cheap shot with the championship card, the Mariners tried firing back, and the A’s dealt the same card again.  As a beaten Mets fan, I can say firsthand it’s annoying when Yankees fans (for example) play the “history” card.  Albeit not untrue, it’s old hat.  But A’s have had little to no success as of late either, so it’s kind of their only option if they feel so implored to engage here.

The “L” balloon was the finishing blow, the coup de grâce.  It’s not quite skull emoji-level, but it’s damn close.  That’s what Twitter is all about, taking someone’s words and twisting them in a way where you can shove it down their throat.  We’re just weeks away from baseball season, so this playful banter should be enough to rev up the fans and get everyone excited for April.  Sure, the Mariners got the last word in, and they’re the better team, but in the battle of offseason Mariners vs. offseason A’s, the court rules in favor of the Oakland Athletics.

UPDATE:  I’d be remiss for not tipping my cap to the Mariners for the Smash Mouth/All Star reference.  If you’re unfamiliar with that, google “Oakland A’s Smash Mouth”.  Well fucking played.  Still get the L though.


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