I Crave Salty Snacks Before Lunch And Sweet Snacks After Lunch And I Don’t Know Why

If there are any scientists or nutritionists out there who can provide some insight on this, it would be greatly appreciated.  I think I have some kind of condition.  Before lunch, I crave salty snacks.  Post lunch, it’s sweet snacks that I need.  And I have no idea why.  Today I found myself without salty snacks at my desk, which is my L.  That one’s on me and shouldn’t happen.  I tried feeding my late morning hunger with sweet snacks, but it simply didn’t do the trick.  I had lunch earlier than usual because I couldn’t find the right snack to hold me over, and there was NO chance I’m gonna walk all the way to the nearest deli to get a bag of pretzels.  My entire day was thrown off.

Is there any reason why I am the way I am?  Why does my appetite act the way it does?  It’s fucked up and weird, I am well aware, but it’s pretzels before lunch and cookies after lunch.  The salty and sweet cannot be reversed.  Did you get that?  They are irreversible.  The taste buds want what the taste buds want.  The stomach speaks, and I listen.  That’s the way things are in my life currently.  Seeking answers, please advise.

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