Why Do Restaurants Answer The Phone If They’re Closed?

This is the most recent occurrence to bother me at a level that most others would have questions about.  Little details are what catch my eye and get me angry, meanwhile I stay pretty grounded for more significant happenings.  That’s how I’m wired.

We won’t name names because it’s inconsequential. But here’s the gist of it.  I called a restaurant to order food this weekend; the time was 9:27 PM.  The phone was answered and I was asked how I can be helped.  At this point I’m thinking that I am going to get what I sought in the form of a delicious meal.  Oh boy was I wrong.  I said I’d like to place an order but was rejected immediately.  They were closed.  I asked to clarify.  “They close at 9:30.”  Mind you it was 9:27.

I’ve dabbled in the food services industry back in my day.  I know how it works.  If the place is a ghost town you can sometimes close up shop early.  While I was annoyed that I was turned away despite it being earlier than the advertised closing time, there’s a bigger issue.  Why answer the phone?  Why answer the phone and ask how you can help me?  Obviously I’m calling to place an order.  If you’re closed, you cannot help me at all.

I’d much rather not be given the time of day (pun intended) then get my balls tickled like that.  If you take my call and offer your services, I expect those services to be provided at my request.  Evidently it does not work like that.  We’d all be better off if you let the phone ring.  There’s no benefit to you answering the phone, and there’s certainly no benefit to the caller.

In summary, I am bothered by this and more than I probably should be.


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2 thoughts on “Why Do Restaurants Answer The Phone If They’re Closed?

  1. Costumer orders are not the only call restaurantsometime get.. they also get calls for product orders… employees that are not allowed to have their phone on, waiting for a ride. .. many reasons.. food orders are not the only reason to have a phone

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