Pork Price Hits Record Low, Time To Strike While The Bacon’s Hot

Reuters: A second straight month of record low U.S. pork belly inventories in January will likely intensify speculation about a potential national bacon shortage, but analysts said more supply will soon be available. In early February, the Ohio Pork Council stoked alarm by publicizing that belly stocks were at their lowest in half a century, and it registered a website at http://www.baconshortage.com. While the group added that there was not an actual bacon shortage, several media outlets published reports. …

Fresh bellies, which are from recently butchered hogs and not frozen like those held in inventories, are readily available, at times amid record-high hog production. And lofty wholesale belly prices may have deterred processors from storing them in U.S. warehouses for later use. Dan Vaught, a Doane Advisory Services economist, said pork and bacon demand surged late last year. Some consumers, he said, might have bought bacon and stored it in their own freezers driven by shortage worries that may not materialize. “Certainly the USDA isn’t forecasting any shortage. So, it is extremely unlikely that we’ll have a shortage of bacon,” said Vaught.

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Fresh bellies, guys.  Did you hear that?  Fresh fucking bellies.  Pork prices are down.  Bacon consumption is about to be turned way way way up.  Major news on the breakfast front.  All those rumors you heard at the office about a possible risk of bacon shortage can now be soundly put to bed.  Those sleepless nights are no more.  Bacon for all.  And cheap bacon.  All over the country.  All hungry stomachs will be fed and filled with greasy goodness.  So shout out to you, bacon.  You’ve done wonders for my weekend mornings among many other meals.  They say bacon makes everything better.  I’ve never met them, but they’re wise.

All that market talk is nothing more than fancy verbiage and unnecessary panache.  The punch line is that bacon is going nowhere.






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