Is ‘Walk It Out (Remix)’ A Top 5 Song Ever?

Important:  I have no less than 40 songs in my Top 5.  Recent additions are this and Romping Shop.

This is a legitimate question which I believe to already know the answer to (yes).  Until yesterday I hadn’t heard the song in years probably.  But sometimes when you put your iTunes on shuffle, you’re rewarded with one of life’s gifts.  I was doing a number of things at once when the song came on, and I couldn’t have dropped what I was doing faster.  The intro is one of the more noticeable ones out there, and I wasn’t about to let one second of this masterpiece go by without my undivided and suddenly heightened attention.

Come to me with an argument against sticking the Walk It Out Remix in the top 5, and I’d be happy to listen.  You may be correct.  Except for the fact that you’d be dead wrong.  Andre 3000’s verse is legendary.  Unk brings that heat.  And Jim Jones delivers as well as he always does.  It’s the perfect concoction of fire lyrics and amazing dance moves.  Name another song where they rhyme “baloney” with “homie”.  You cannot.  It’s a universally loved music piece and deserves its apropos recognition.  Unk brings me back 10 years and I’m eternally grateful each time.

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