The Dunk Contest Stunk Once Again

Saturday night’s Dunk Contest was maybe the worst it’s ever been.  The Dunk Contest and All Star Weekend in general hasn’t lost its luster in recent years, but the Dunk Contest in particular left a ton to be desired.  What used to be must watch television is now tired and played out it seems.  Obviously there’s only so much a person can do to elevate a slam dunk into something special, but that doesn’t excuse the FACT that the entire event is basically a joke.  Last year’s was better than we’ve seen in a long time, and I’m sure most can agree with me when I say I was hoping we had turned the corner.

Again I want to remind myself and you (1-4 readers) that creativity on a Dunk has gotten more and more harder because we’ve seen just about everything.  But how many times are we gonna see someone jump over someone?  How many times are we gonna see a through the legs dunk?  Almost every dunk Saturday was the exact same.  I’m not expecting Vince Carter arm-in-the-rim quality dunks but an authentic attempt would be refreshing as opposed to a remote controlled drone dropping the ball to you.  It’s more like a pageant show than a dunk contest.

Which brings me to my next and final point.  Aaron Murray used a drone to “pass” him the ball in his first dunk.  I’m indifferent on props because albeit clever and limitless, they do little if any to affect the difficulty of any one dunk.  With that said, when he brought out the drone I initially liked it.  That was until it didn’t work on the first try.  Or the second try.  Or the third try.  That dunk has to be successful on the first attempt if you want to be taken seriously.  After he missed we had to wait for some random Joe Schmo to reload the drone so Murray could try again.  There was no anticipation for a fan because we knew exactly what was happening.  We saw maybe 2 legitimately good and creative dunks all night.  What a shame.

If your first dunk is unsuccessful, that should impact your score.  In my opinion, the second try should be able to accrue a maximum of 9 points.  The third try 8 pts max.  And so on.  SOMEONE DID NOT DUNK THE BASKETBALL AND GOT THREE 7’s AND TWO 8’s.  37/50 for failing to dunk the ball.  Here’s a novel idea, and a free one for the NBA to implement.  If the dunk doesn’t go in, you get 0 points and are disqualified.  Perfect 50’s used to be few and far between and now these guys are getting 37s for making the same amount of dunks as ME.  Maybe the judges need to be replaced.  Maybe someone needs to clarify the rules and scoring system.  Something needs to be done.

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