Official BEC Review: Al’s Luncheonette


Location:  Al’s Luncheonette, Manalapan, NJ (Yorktown Shopping Center)


Al’s is a somewhat new place in the area.  It actually replaced another breakfast spot (NY Deli) that was wildly unsuccessful (and underwhelming too).  I’m not sure if this place is gonna last because the menu is bizarre.  Half of the menu is a typical breakfast selection, and the other half is all Spanish dishes.  Seems weird, I don’t know.

Food was better than expected though.  Normally I like my BECs on a bagel but at a place like this I wasn’t sure what kind of bagel to expect.  So I played it safe with a roll which was fine.  The roll was actually pretty good, nice and soft but not too soft.  Eggs were fried which is always better than omelette style when we’re talking breakfast sandwich.  They were a little over for my liking but good nonetheless.  Bacon was tasty but a bit short in portion.  I found it strange to have the cheese on the bottom of the sandwich.  Not that it changes the taste, but it’s a weird way to assemble the sandwich and can sometimes soggy up the bottom half of your choice of bread.

When it’s all said and done, the sandwich was pretty good.  This place is closer to my house than any other BEC spot so I had to make the trip and give it a fair shot.  I’ll say this: it’s good enough if I can’t/don’t want to make the drive elsewhere.  If you’re a BEC connoisseur like myself, it’s worth trying because aren’t they all?  But it’s nothing memorable.

Official Score: 6.8 out of 10

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