I Sat Down On The ‘Maybe Next Year’ Podcast



Typically I’m the content creator guy.  I’m the ideas guy who likes to put things into action assuming that I have creative control.  The tables turned this week, and I was invited to be a guest on a podcast.  The other side of the microphone was a refreshing change of pace, and it was super successful.  My good friend Alec Baicher invited me to be a guest on the Maybe Next Year podcast, brought to you by Hot Salad World.  Alec and I share the misery of rooting for the most pathetic teams in New York.  Whereas Alec is foolishly optimistic about the 2017 Mets, my expectations are much lower and tempered because I’ve seen this movie before.  Notice the tshirt of Mr. Met prepping a hanging of himself.  Baseball isn’t exactly in full swing yet, but we broke down the Mets on a macro level and gave some personal insight, expectations, and (naturally) frustrations.

Give it a listen and subscribe to the podcast.

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