The Hot Salad World Podcast Network Is What’s Hot In The Streets Right Now


Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come.  Hot Salad World is now live.  What exactly is Hot Salad World?  I’m glad you asked.  Hot Salad World is the newest one-stop-shop for podcasts and much more.  I’ve been flooding my own social accounts with the different podcasts I’ve been doing, and that’s not going to change.  But now they’re all in one centralized location, along with several other podcasts as well as blogs and more.  This is for YOUR (you, the reader/listener/content consumer) convenience.

The podcasts will remain the same.  Same name, same people, same content that we’re gonna force feed you because we believe it’s relatable and has some substance.  The Hot Salad World site will have a homepage listing the most recent posts as well as a separate page for individual podcasts.  It’s easy as fuck to navigate, and beside each episode will be a mini blurb laying out what’s on deck for that particular podcast.

We’re building a network here, people.  There are already FOUR active podcasts.  You may be familiar with the 2 that I co-produce:


Take It 2 Go – my guy Paul and I record from the car as we eat take out food from a local restaurant.  It’s about as luxurious as it sounds (it’s not at all luxurious), but the conversation is absolutely stellar.  New guests come on as often as possible to spice things up, and you never know what you’re gonna get.

Brother Banter – my brother and I trade stories and ideas that tie our pasts and childhoods into whatever current, relative topic we’ve chosen.  Two people with a great understanding of each other results in some laughs and some arguments.


And we’ve added two more to the arsenal:


Maybe Next Year – everything New York Sports from a fellow, tortured NY sports fan.  Alec touches on current hot sports stories while basking in his own fandom misery.

The Dork Side – Mike and Dan are here to hit you with your TV, movie, and all other nerdy cravings.  They say nerds are the new cool guys, and this podcast will make everyone feel right at home.


And here’s the beautiful thing.  We’re not done yet.  Hot Salad World is only just beginning.  We’ve only just planted the seed.  No sprouting yet.  No photosynthesis yet.  No harvest yet.  Just a young plant with unlimited potential.  There are more podcasts on the way.  Did you hear that?  There’s more content in the pipeline!  And if you have an idea for a new podcast, don’t hesitate to reach out to  That’s right, we’re looking at YOU (the reader/listener/content consumer).

What we need from you now is to JOIN THE CONVERSATION.  Check out the Hot Salad World site and get lost in whichever podcast you choose.  Subscribe on iTunes, and make sure to leave a review and a rating (5 stars por favor).  Get involved now, people, and strike while the iron’s hot.

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