I Have An Idea To Fix NBC’s ‘The Wall’ Show

Recently ‘The Wall’ on NBC has become must watch television for me on Tuesdays.  And not because the show is any good.  It’s probably because Tuesday is the worst TV night of the week for whatever reason.  The thing about The Wall is that it’s gotten more buzz than any game show since Deal or No Deal.  They’ve tested a bunch of failures over the years, and I’m not saying this one’s gonna last, but it’s certainly more compelling than the others.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s very different, and although I can’t explain the rules, it’s essentially a gigantic Plinko board.  The dollar amounts at the bottom get up to $1 million, and based on your partner’s trivia answers, you’re either winning or losing the money that the ball(s) fall into.  The person answering the questions doesn’t know if they’re right or wrong, nor do they know how much money the other is winning or losing.  Other than their answers, their impact on the outcome is dependent upon their decision to take or pass up guaranteed money versus their partner’s unknown accrual.

My big issue with the show is that they always win.  Currently I’m tuning in with the slim hope to see someone crash and burn and walk away without a dime.  There’s some sort of fix in place because I’ve yet to see someone leave with less than $200K.  Luckily I’ve drawn up a proposal to enhance the show, and this one’s free (looking at you, NBC).  Currently, if you have a bank of $300K and your next drop results in a loss of $1 million, you drop to zero.  You cannot fall below that amount.  There are opportunities to double and even triple drop, resulting in massive gains but still limited losses.  What if your balance was able to fall below zero?  Using the same example, you’d then owe NBC $700k.  That would be must watch TV.  Right now it’s all winning and no losing.  If there’s an opportunity to lose big money and ruin your financial life, that’ll put asses in the seats.  If we can see someone’s guts get ripped out and then watch them have to tell their spouse, that’ll be a show that sticks around for years to come.  Let’s see how “big” you’re willing to play THEN!

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