I Have No Respect For This One Homeless Guy Who Takes Days Off

Warning: HOT take

I’d like to preface this blog by saying that I am not lumping all homeless people together under this title but rather the one guy who I walk past almost every morning.  Every bum as their own bum story, so I’m not generalizing anyone or anything.

I’d also like to preface this blog by saying that I once wrote a blog about banning all homeless people from the Rutgers library.  At the time I felt that it was justified, but after proof reading (which I never do) I decided not to publish.  Something came over me and said it was too fucked up to post.  It was a good blog though, and homeless people should not be allowed in the Rutgers library.

Okay.  On most mornings I see the same homeless guy haggling tourists for money on the same corner.  When he’s there, he’s singing this dumb jingle and dishing out phony compliments to people 40 yards away.  Sometimes he’ll try to kindly extract a child from his clueless foreign family in hopes to cash in that way.  It never works, but the hustle is there.  He’s a big “handshake” guy which is ballsy coming from a guy who almost certainly lives in dirt.  With that said, he’s far more energetic and creative than the vast majority of New York’s finest homeless community.

HOWEVER, he’s only out there on days where it’s semi-nice out.  How can he be taken seriously if he’s taking days off?  There’s no way he’s going to other street corners because he has this entire area on lock.  Not another bum in sight!  Today it was drizzling, and my man was nowhere to be seen.  Tomorrow it’s gonna be 60 and sunny.  You can bet all the dollars you have that he doesn’t (cheap shot) that he’ll be out there hootin and hollerin.  Thursday it’s supposed to snow.  No shot he’ll be on that corner.

I have no respect for him.  You gotta be out there hustlin in the elements whether it be rain, sleet, snow, forest fires, earthquakes, etc.  Through the good times and the bad, this homeless guy quite literally cannot afford to take a personal day.  Either he’s lazy as fuck or he’s not homeless.  Either way I don’t respect him.  He’s a shitty bum regardless.  If I’m an asshole for saying this, so be it.

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