ICYMI: My World Famous Guacamole Tutorial

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Last night I went LIVE on Facebook to provide a service to the people.  I wasn’t wearing a shirt because I like to feel sexy in the kitchen.  That’s not weird.  You’re weird if you think that’s weird.  Less than a week until the big game, so I wanted to get my friends and family ready for Super Bowl Sunday.  And nothing wins over the crowd at the party like a delicious bowl of guacamole.  I know what you’re thinking.  What’s so special about my guacamole?

There’s guacamole, and there’s guacamole.  But I have professional guac experience, and entire summer’s worth plus more (for those keeping score).  I was trained by the fine culinary experts at Chipotle Mexican Grill.  But I took their recipe and made it my own.  Never told anyone in the kitchen, but I tinkered with it ever so slightly.  Enough so where my manager said I made the best guac he’d ever had.  The student had become the teacher.

I’ll spare you the details as the proof is right there in that video right there.  I could have easily prepped my station in advance and skipped right to the crux of things to make a short video.  But this cooking show was dedicated in its entirety to the coveted guacamole.  Ball’s in your court now, reader.  I hope you steal the show at Sunday’s Super Bowl Party and holidays and family gatherings to come.

Guac and roll!


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